Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Mum's .net

My mother has started a blog! My mother!!!

She asked me for information about how to write blogs. As I'm abundantly aware that she knows I write more than one blog, plus I'm aware that the only one she reads is my LiveJournal (although not often because, quote, "it upsets me"), I'm confused as to why she'd think I know a lot about blogging - although, of course, I do. I know a little too much, in fact.

It's quite amusing for some reasons....

"I've got a follower!"
"I've got a FOLLOWER!"

"That's... that's my cousin. He used to live here."
"I've got a FOLLOWER!"
"Yeah. Uhm, do you follow his blog?"
"What? No."
"You sent an e-mail to him asking him to follow you, didn't you?"
"Yes, of course."

"I've got a FOLLOWER!"
"My blog gets over 100 hits a day."

...and soul-crushingly frustrating for others. These are mostly due to the fact that I know relatively little about using WordPress. Relatively. However, I am experienced enough with various blogging services to know enough to be able to motivate my way around the WordPress dashboard, whereas she doesn't have a clue. Not that this hinders her - she teaches primary IT, after all - she'll get the hang of it eventually.

Eventually. When I've explained five times that she doesn't need to edit the text on her "Hello, world" page to get the whole text displayed on the screen and it's all to do with the hideous theme she chose, tried to help her with setting up a links bar / blogroll and then explained that her "about" link went missing as a result, and came up with clever ways of making it look a lot prettier and navigation-friendly - all without wresting her netbook from her grip and doing the design myself - which would help immensely! - it's difficult to stop slamming my head repeatedly against a wall until I've forgotten how to do maths.

So kindly excuse me while I try to guess her password...


Rhye said...

Hey now, it's perfectly acceptable to get excited over one follower =P I do! Leave the unpopular people alone! XD

Jess Carlson said...

This sounds strangely similar to my mothers efforts with Facebook. Only I know her password :D