Saturday, 20 October 2012

ILB 2.0

DESTRII: "All the stuff that was happening to you up there... that was kind of major, wasn't it?"
DOCTOR: "It needed me... it was trapped... I released it and it opened my mind... we freed each other. It was like the last piece of a puzzle falling into place... I think I was evolving."

I experienced something close to evolution the other day. Evolution, that is, not regeneration. I was already well on the path to regeneration.

Orgasms can do amazing things, especially when they are accompanied by a large amount of energy. But that wasn't all I was experiencing. I was under the onslaught of a barrage of emotions, feelings and connections like... well, like nothing I've ever been able to describe. Like nothing I've ever felt before. I was driving forwards towards an orgasm, and at that moment I could have been anywhere. Just anywhere. What was important wasn't where I was... it was what was happening.

And how I was feeling.

I wasn't overwhelmed. I could cope. I was coping - I was proving to myself that I could. And I did. I didn't let what was happening get to me. I let everything wash over me, and then let it flow through me. If there was going to be this spark - this life, this energy - I thought (knew? felt?) that I may as well let it take me. And so I let it channel itself through me. I filled up, I let myself pour out. I was growing.

I felt like I was becoming more. I could have grown a couple more inches, let my skin rip open and my muscles expand. I could have felt two perfect silver wings burst from my back and taken my place among the stars. I could have travelled into the future and re-ignited the dying sun. I could have evolved into a new me. I was on the brink. So close... so close...

...but then I held it back. I knew what to do with all this energy. And I let it go... I let it go forcefully. Powerfully. It was the right choice, as I burst with a mass of sparkly white light, letting out something between a yell, a scream and a note of purity. (And cum, but that's not what this post is about.)  And as I eventually stopped, lay there and felt the warmth and the air surround me once more, bringing me back to this plane, I felt my glow settle. Not without me, within me.

I didn't change. I didn't evolve. I did one better. I got myself back. I rediscovered... me.

ILB is back. And he is amazing.