Monday, 1 October 2012

Fame at last!

Nothing remotely sexy or funny has happened today, unless you think that walking down Oxford Street in a soaking wet business suit (because the heavens opened; I wasn't doing a Piano Man impression) is sexy. Actually, that's quite funny when you think about it. It just wasn't at the time.

I've - finally - started writing material for the Erotic HaHa! thingy that's happening at the end of the week, which I agreed to compère in a moment of rash foolishness, labouring under the delusion that I'm actually able to make people laugh. At least I'm keeping my running up so I'll be able to make a quick exit when it all inevitably goes wrong.

As a bonus to doing this, however, I got my name in Time Out. This isn't the first time I've been featured in the press - I was in a local newspaper once for coming second in Junior Mastermind 1995. At least, I was meant to be. The newspaper spelled my name - which can easily be appreviated to three letters - incorrectly. Quite a feat when you consider that the guy who came third was called "Vincente Romenellhi". (I was also in Radio Times once on account of the fact that I was in a radio programme. I won a Sony award for that, only they forgot to tell me.) Still, it's pretty exciting. In an odd way.

I'm also on the flyer. This would also be exciting if I hadn't seen it about four bzillion times already. Still, it's a cool flyer.

I should go and write more material for it now. Although I probably won't. I may just ruminate on the fact that I have scary eyes instead.

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