Monday, 10 September 2012

That extra half an inch

When it comes down to it, there's nothing like good sex. It works on so many levels and, as much as I've talked about the joys of sex both penetrative and not so, there's one thing that I like to do that I don't think I've mentioned before. It's been a while since I've done it, but it never fails to elicit a (thankfully positive) response.

This only works in the missionary position. I like the position itself a lot, anyway - it's simple, classic and effective - allowing for a lot of deep penetration, simple but both quick and hard movements, and you're also to see who you're making love to, which is one of the main attractions, in my mind! The main problem with the missionary position is that I've always found it to be one where you (rather, I) expend a lot of energy quite quickly - especially if you lose control and start going for it rather rapidly. It feels great, but unless you happen to be a Paralympic athlete, there is a need to stop after a while. Apart from anything else, it's nice to mix things up a little.

And my hips can hurt too.

It's nice, if I'm inside her and there's very little movement going on (although I can try my best to regroup, level up and restart - and almost always do), to push steadily forwards. I don't know about you (but feel free to say!), but I like to get my penis deep into her to begin with, before I start moving, but that sense of intimacy - really being inside someone else - can get lost in all the shenanigans and the goings-on. It doesn't take much energy, but a bit of extra effort is worthwhile, I think, for the purpose of just edging forward, getting all your shaft inside for a while - or if, more realistically, you are already completely inside her, then just probing forwards with a gentle push, seeing how far you can reach.

I know it sounds crazy, but it always seems to work for me - or, more accurately, for her... just guiding the tip of the penis forwards a little... going that tiny sliver deeper.


BiLikesSciFi said...

I love that move.... pushing in, feeling deeper. It's awesome to be the receiver of that move!

Cath said...

I miss that. My vagina only seems to want half a penis inside it at the moment. Still, that's an improvement on no penis at all, I guess...