Thursday, 6 September 2012


I went to the Paralympics yesterday.

I sat in the ExCeL watching table tennis. I have no interest in sport, so I didn't care much for who was playing. I was enjoying the atmosphere and the food. Then again, I felt like I ought to be supporting someone.

"I'm supporting Ukraine," I said out loud. But not too loud - I didn't want anyone to think I genuinely had an interest. Ukraine were playing in the court right in front of us, so it was easiest to pick one.
"Why?" asked Catherine.
"Oh, you know... just... because." I didn't really have a reason.
"Is it because the girl playing is quite pretty?"

I looked at said girl. She was.

I assumed a small voice. "No..."
"Are you sure?"

I'm pleased to announce Ukraine won.

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Cath said...

You are so predictable!

I loved the Egyptian player who had a tantrum every time she lost. That would be me.