Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Power Station

"So you're back in school now?" I enquired of my friend-who-is-a-teacher, well aware that school terms started over a week ago and I was just fishing for something to say.
"Yep," she said. "It's... much the same as it's always been. How about you? Are you back yet?" she enquired of the young raver, which caused the rest of us to roar with laughter. We'd all heard the story, but we were eager to hear it again.
"Tell it! Tell it!" demanded Hairy Friend's older, louder sister, while Robinson and I exchanged knowing smiles. To our delight, the young raver was still keen to share his story. It goes something like this:

Young Raver: So, you're my mentor for the next year.
Young Raver's Mentor: Yes, I am. Let me tell you about myself...
[NB: Our young raver is on a vocational course at the moment. His mentors last for a whole year, and this is his final year.]
YRM: ...[snip personal history]... okay, what about you?
YR: Er, uhm, well, er... [snip edited personal history] ...yeah, and now I'm here in my final year.

"That doesn't seem so unusual," quipped our friend-who-is-a-teacher, "when you consider what could have happened."
"There's more."
"Oh? Go on, then."

YRM: I need to point something out to you, before we go any further.
YR: Okay.
YRM: As we've established, I will be your mentor for the whole year.
YR: Okay.
YRM: Now, as you know, you're a male, and I'm a woman...
YR: Okay.
YRM: ...and obviously there will be some gender differences between us.
YR: ...?
YRM: What's more, because of our rather obvious gender differences, that might cause some friction, and of course, there will inevitably be a power dynamic that develops between us.
YR: [thinks] What the fuck?!

"What do you think she wanted?" grinned our friend-who-is-a-teacher, as the rest of us laughed at this development.
"I've no idea," fretted the young raver. "Maybe she thinks that because I'm a boy, I'm going to hit on her, and she's trying to tell me not to hit on her, and she's using this power dynamic thing to try to stop me hitting on her, and..."
"Maybe she thinks you're going to try and beat her up?" interjected Robinson, steering well clear of the very serious danger that our young raver was about to hint that he regularly hits on girls because he can. He's going to Australia next year to do so, allegedly.
"I think it's more likely that she was really attracted to me," casually boasted the young raver, "although I felt really uncomfortable." This probably wasn't too far from the truth... apart from the bit about her having been attracted to him. We learned on camp that he once left a girl (just before they had sex )to go to the pub - I'm pretty sure he needs some recovery time from that.
"Well, there are two possibilities," reasoned our friend-who-is-a-teacher, "although the first one - that she genuinely wanted your backside - is probably less realistic than the other possibility, which is that she was just trying to be incredibly feminist and ended up sounding like a bit of an idiot."
"Or she could have wanted to use the phrase 'power dynamic' and found a chance," I pointed out.

There was a pause.

"I'm going to go with the idea that she wants me," said the young raver.

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