Friday, 21 September 2012


I've posted about being scammed on the telephone before, and (as this is a regular occurrence) I usually, if not always, revert to the same tactic of lying that I'm an IT technician (not entirely untrue) and having then hang up on me. I always make it my business to keep going until they hang up on me - never the other way around. My dad always gives them an earful, but I like to have a little more fun with the scammers. This one even claimed he was from Microsoft.

"You call yourself an IT technician and you don't even know about the hundreds of errors you are having on your computer?" he said, in a frustrated tone (and the present continuous tense), after the third time I said, "hang on a second, I just need to check something," and waited for thirty seconds before doing anything.
"Mmmmm," I decided upon saying.
"Now open that window I just told you to open! How long does it take you to do something as simple as that?!"
"Oh, I apologise. I shouldn't have been so silly when talking to such an obvious computer expert as you. Okay, I've opened the window."
"Now what do you see?"

I paused for a few seconds.

"A multitude of tabs with a different blog about my online friends having sex with various people in each one. The window I opened was a Firefox one, you see, and I've been browsing."
"I didn't tell you to open a Firefox window!"
"Maybe not, but I'm bored and wanted to read some sex blogs instead."
"You're meant to be an IT technician!"
"Perhaps. But whatever I am, I know what a scam is."

Click. Whirrrrrrrrrr.......

I got this one talking for over ten minutes. I hope they pay lots for international calls.


Fastile Jenkins said...

i had a great one like that, calling from 12 time zones west of indiana. he warned me that my computer had notified microsoft of bad things happening that would result in my hard drive being erased and lots of other bad stuff. he gave me details of the disease in my Windows operating system. and then argued with me for several minutes that i was using a windows machine instead of my macintosh.

it was great. he too eventually hung up.

Innocent Loverboy said...

Brilliant! I think I'll use the "how did Microsoft get my details? I'm using a Mac!" line next time.

Another option is to quote the Data Protection Act at them. I have yet to do that one.

Melanie said...

I've heard of this scam and I think it's great to troll these naughty people! Well done!! I had a good chuckle at this post!