Thursday, 13 September 2012

Fall back, spring forward

London looks pretty in the autumn. We have a warm, sunny day outside - the last vestiges of our late summer have not quite gone yet - but the leaves of my Acer palmatum senkakaki have already started to turn red, the wind is starting to blow, and yesterday we were treated to a rainstorm, which battered against my window, prompted me to feel warm and cosy inside and made a great sound on concrete. Despite what you may be witnessing today, it is turning a little chilly, and soon we will be having a return of autumn to our fair city.

For some reason, autumn energises me. I don't know what it is - the clean and crisp air, perhaps? The pretty mixed colours outside, even in London, grey turned to blue by the advent of rain? The cloud formations in the sky or the particularly crunchy leaves on the street for my shoes to destroy? Who knows? I may feel the urge to be more sexy in summer... but autumn always picks me up somewhat.

It has a somewhat bad rep, it has to be said, for those both still in education and working in academic years (I continue to do this; I no longer work in education, but my mother and a lot of my friends do, so I can't really avoid the summer-is-the-holiday ethic that serves our students and teachers so well), as it's the start of the autumn term, and the return to school (work) does seem very much like a drudgery. But there are positive things too - autumn contains Harvest Festival, All Hallow's Eve, Bonfire Night, and towards its end, the start of Advent (Morrison's all have their Christmas things out; start stocking up, folks!), and if the cold really isn't your thing, then it's a great excuse to huddle inside, wearing comfortable soft clothes, and turning the radiators (and vibrators, if you're that way inclined) up to 11.

And naked bed-sharing to feed off body heat. That's nice too. As is the arrival of a new series of Doctor Who.

I feel autumnal. I'm looking out of my window at the trees of my road and the road beyond and thinking of watching then blow gently in the soft breeze. I'm sitting here in a thick jumper and drinking strong, aromatic coffee, with a bar of rolled oats for company... and thinking about how nice Autumn is.

Watch out, London. I'm going to be enjoying you these months.

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Cath said...

All the cool people have their birthdays in autumn.