Friday, 27 July 2012


"I want to see this!" I said, pulling Catherine into the dark room and taking a seat.

She didn't look so tired in the dark. We'd been picnicking on the Isle of Dogs, been to a farm and got friendly with a llama who tried to eat her hair. There were also horses invading London, hiding rabbits, one chipmunk who didn't look at all like Alvin, and flies, but I don't think those animals were intentional. We'd also been maxing out the Science Museum, which included a musical geek orgasm on my part when I got to play a bass drum along with Jupiter from Holst's The Planets - although I'd have preferred the glockenspiel. Still.

I hadn't noticed, until I walked right next to it, the display which promised to show what the Internet sounds like. I wasn't even aware it had a sound - but it seemed like my sort of thing, and thus we entered. And walking around the Science Museum is tiring. Seats were welcomed.

We watched the Internet make noise. It was really rather clever, the whole "diving into random chatrooms, fora and messages to flash up brief snippets of text" thing - even if it did seem a little like an invasion of privacy. I'm sure it must have been edited, though. There weren't any actual names mentioned, and the "I AM" display was genius - lots of short sentences beginning with "I AM", vocoded by a computer, while the screens - little ones, covering a while wall - steadily filled up with red scrolling text and some cool backing music that made me feel calm. It even seemed to make Catherine feel calm, which is a good thing in my book.

After a while, I started to get a bit restless. We decided to move on... but not before I actually had a closer look at some of the text that had been gleaned from the darkest corners of the Internet.

"I'll be back in a second," I said, inching closer to look at some of the screens. A few quotes looked like the sort of conversations 47 used to have in the IRC rooms he frequented. My own favourite chatroom was never that busy. I skimmed past the conversations about cows and rubber gloves... until I saw a few things that seemed to be attempting to explain exactly why the display had a "may not be suitable for all ages" proviso. Rather a few things, in fact. And they also appeared to be covering increasing space on the wall, too.

I chuckled my way back to Catherine, took her hand and found our way out of the exhibit, still grinning broadly. It's nice to know, in these troubled times, that the Internet will never let us down.


Cath said...

I missed the sex ones. and the cows. unless they were also sex ones.

Innocent Loverboy said...

Wasn't there a sign explaining the lack of cows?

Cath said...

I'm lost now. On the sex wall or at the farm?

Innocent Loverboy said...

On the farm! Why, were there any on the sex wall?


...Sex wall?