Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Reblog: How To Blog Anonymously

Following an attempt on Dr Brooke Magnanti's blog, she has been asking fellow bloggers to reblog her post on how to blog anonymously. I'll repost the content here verbatim as per her request, as it's also quite relevant to my interests too.

Disclaimer: I always maintain that I'm pseudonymous, not really anonymous so much, thanks to multiple events, meetups and basically just being friendly - from two girlfriends straight out of the sex blogging world to getting on stage at Erotic Meet. And yes, maybe it's risky and maybe I should be more careful, as a few of these tips seem to illustrate. But I haven't set a foot over the line... yet.

Additional: I haven't actually read The Sex Myth, but I do own a copy. It's in my "to be read" pile; I bought it a couple of months back. I'll read it, but I should finish Catch-22 first.

Here's the post (original author credit). It's a long one, but certainly worth a read. I'm starting to wish Blogger had a handy "cut" feature like LJ has.

EDIT, 16/10/12: Upon a further request by Brooke, I am reblogging this again, only I have decided to remove the post from my blog, because it doesn't fit with the standard layout. The test verbatim, which hasn't been changed from the original, I have reposted here, on an external server. A result of this is that, if this blog ever gets removed or something, the text also survives externally.

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