Tuesday, 3 July 2012


According to the Metro this morning, people who engage in sexting are more likely to be sexually active. Uhm, really? Are you sure?

I've still never really done sexting on a grand scale; although I've flirted and shared innuendo over the medium of SMS (BBM, whatever), I've never really seriously engaged anyone in full-throttle cybersex with a 'phone. I have, of course, had cybersex over IRC (and, I believe, MSN at a few points) - but over text? Not really, no. I've no idea why not, being as I do have my 'phone with me a lot of the time. I'm just not entirely sure how it would work as well, seeing as how it isn't instantaneous. And, although I'm curious, I'm not quite curious enough to shell out £10 per day to sext someone who's paid to respond, like one of my friends did in the sixth form.

Although I'd totally do it if I did get paid for it. We all know I'd be good.

Anyway, back to the original point: people who sext being more sexually active than... well, other people. Again, I'm really not sure where this comes from. The Metro certainly has the tendency to pull statistics out of thin air, although this one had a citation - not that I can remember what it was. But is this really believable?

Okay, I can kind of see the train of thought here. In a way. I mean, some people may automatically think that people who are having sex are more likely to sext, seeing as how they've experienced firsthand what it involves. But then again, that's no guarantee that they're going to know exactly what's involved, and it's also no guarantee of prose style, quality, or effectiveness. Secondly, the Metro's snippet started by talking about people snapping and sending dirty pictures of themselves. That's not sexting, people. That's photo-sharing. It can be an accessory, but it's not virtual sex. There's none of the whole suspenion of disbelief involved, and certainly less chance of induced orgasm (unless the idea of carrying around a porn collection in your pocket turns you on) unless you're sneaky. It's just not the same.

Then again, there's nothing to stop you sexting if you're not sexually active. Well, there is - unless you have more money than sense and a sixth form to amuse. The main barrier is not having anyone to sext with, which is why the source probably came up with the result that it did. It's a bit of a no-brainer, actually; I'm no expert, but even I can guess that the person you sext with is probably either a potential, past or current sex partner (although I'm sure exceptions exist) and there's very little chance that you'll find anyone otherwise willing. Still, there's nothing else to stop you, really.

Plus, who's to say that sexting doesn't count as being sexually active? But that's another debate entirely.

Still, the Metro quoted some statistics. But you can probably make statistics prove anything you like. 85% of people know that.

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