Monday, 9 July 2012

The devil's in the details

My dreams which involve porn - either watching it or procuring it (on a bus or otherwise) almost never involve other people. In fact the only dream I've had which involves watching porn alongside people involved hardcore, rather than softcore, and it was my dad I was watching it with.

No, please don't try to analyse that.

However, last night's dream was different in that it involved both giving softcore to my sister and watching some with Robinson. Neither of whom I think I've even mentioned soft porn to in any great capacity. Or certainly not in the scale I refer to it here in ILB, anyway. But it's odd, anyway, because...

1) The first half of the dream involved me listing all the Emmanuelle in Space films to my little sister (for reference, they are: Queen of the Galaxy, A World of Desire, A Lesson in Love, Concealed Fantasy, A Time to Dream, One Final Fling and The Meaning of Love), upon her request. I even lent her my copy of Queen of the Galaxy - something the dream got perfectly right; it's the only one I actually own on DVD - the rest I downloaded. Not that I'd really share my softcore collection with my little sister, but I suppose I wouldn't be loath to tell her that I watch soft porn. I mean, who doesn't, right? (No, don't answer that!)

2) The second half of the dream was really odd, because (aside from featuring Robinson, which is peculiar in itself, since I rarely have dreams about him even though I've known him since we were 3) it features hardcore porn that doesn't really exist. One very specific example, in fact, which makes me think more than ever that this fictitious movie does actually exist, and that it's either softcore that I've seen but my brain has twisted into something else, or it's a blend of scenes and/or ideas that I've put together into one.
There were more details about it than before. This time, I recall that it had a plot, and that there were two sex scenes which I found hot (although I can't remember what they were and why - but I do remember them being the first two scenes in the film, the rest being a bit humdrum). I also remember knowing the movie well before we watched it, implying that it was one of my favourites. Also, thankfully, I don't think Robinson and I were watching it together for any reason other than entertainment. We were clothed, although I do also remember wondering when I could get some time alone with it, so I could masturbate to orgasm while re-watching the scene.

However, the most curious thing about this dream was that the porn had a title. A title I recognised and appreciated, and something which immediately brought to mind soft porn I've known about and loved...

I just wish I could remember what it was.

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