Tuesday, 19 June 2012

TMI Tuesday: What's your sign?

It's TMI Tuesday again.

Shalla once asked me what my sign was. It's not a question I'm averse to being asked, as I was actually really into
star signs and astrology when I was little. I even started a club of sorts. I won't dwell on that too much, but I will answer these questions...

1. What star sign are you?

Pisces. A water sign. Two fish swimming in opposite directions tied together with a cord so they can't get anywhere... which reminds me very much of myself!

When I was in primary school, I started my own little club with a group of friends. The first three of us I
nicknamed, briefly, "Perfect Pisces" (me), "Lovely Libra" (Robinson) and "Sensational Sagittarius" (Mane's older sister). Ridiculous monikers, yes? Right. Except when I went to Cornwall with 47 last year, I saw these in a gift shop...

You couldn't make it up.

2. Do you believe in horoscopes?

Officially, no. But essentially, sometimes they are scarily accurate. I'm not entirely sure what it is. I don't think it's your average horoscope in the newspaper that I'd believe (although they often contain good advice), but I used to have (back in my primary school days) a book that my parents bought me about what the various signs meant, and they all seemed to apply to the people I knew with those signs! So maybe there's some truth in it, after all.

3. When is your birthday?

March 17th. Same birthday as Dennis the Menace. Oh, and, er, St Patrick's Day. If I were born in Ireland, I'd probably have been called Patrick.

4. What’s the worst birthday gift a partner has given you?

A packet of "Before Sex" mints, and to go with it, a packet of "After Sex" mints. This girl was allergic to mint, so we couldn't share them either before or after sex, and if I ate them, I couldn't kiss her either. So it was a bit pointless getting them...

5. Are you organised when it comes to other people’s birthdays?

Not really. A few of the important birthdays I remember - Robinson's, and (some of) my family's - but I can never really remember when 47's is. I'm good at getting cards and the presents I normally choose are sound (bought Robinson a drink and crisps once on the logic that I'd be getting something he chose himself), but when it comes to remembering stuff... less so.

6. How do you normally celebrate your birthday?

Sitting in silence with my legs hunched up to my chest, rocking back and forth mumbling, while I dwell on the fact that every breath I take, it could be my last - and how I'm being drawn inexorably towards my own horrible death, for which I will probably be alone.

And cake.

7. If you could be one age again what would it be? Why?

19. I feel that if anything amazing had happened to me by now it would have started around that age. I do feel incredibly old right now and not really up to learning any new skills or trying for anything I really particularly want to do. To be honest, I probably should've made more of an effort around that time, but I had no idea how and no form of support either.

8. What would be your ideal birthday treat?

Probably a holiday. It's no real secret that I'm into that whole "going away" thing.

My sister's birthday falls in the middle of August, with the strange side-effect that it's usually happened while our family have been on holiday. Okay, fair enough, for the last ten years the family holidays haven't happened that much (I went on one last year, but that was different), but when we were children (well, when she was a child and I was an older child - I'm 5 years older), we went to places like France and there was always a birthday celebration in the middle of that.

Depending on the people we were holidaying with, what happened to me on that day varied. Some rich and very nice friends of my parents often bought me an unbirthday present on my sister's birthday, including (at one point) a talking parrot. A toy, obviously. Not a real parrot. But I loved it.

Bonus: Tell us your best birthday memory?

The day I first got a Nintendo 64. I'd been waiting so very long to get one and I finally, finally did. Getting video games for birthday and Christmas and stuff was a bit of a tradition in my youth, but new systems were a rarity. Looking back at my consoles, my SNES, N64 and GameCube were all presents of the highest degree. But the first time I played Super Mario 64 was a real "wow!" moment.

Bonus Bonus: May we see you in your birthday suit? (post a photo)

Already did, four months ago.

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Cath said...

I can't believe I haven't given you the worst ever birthday present. Must try harder.