Sunday, 24 June 2012

Fiction: Bouncy sex

As the last of my clothes came off it finally occurred to me how piercing the rain felt on my skin. I didn't mind the cold so much - there were always things that could be done about that - or the wet. I was going to get wet at some point anyway, so it may as well have been for what may be loosely considered a good cause. But it was how sharp the individual drops felt that were the most apparent. With heightened sensitivity came something close to, but not actually, pain.

I fluttered my eyes closed, forcing the feeling of the rain running down my back to subside to nothing more than a slight tingle. As our lips melted together for the eighth time, I felt the spark building this time. Passing it back and forth was one thing, but increasing its potency? That's the thing. That's what we wanted.

As she finally lay back, the whole of her weight made the skin of the trampoline sink with a slight metallic creak as the springs took the strain. I looked down at her, taking her in - soaking wet dark hair lying in a splayed curtain on the surface. A spreading, unsteady grin gradually creasing her face. I tried not to dwell too much on her breasts, but the way the rain fell on them made something more than a brief glance irresistible. The steady trickle led down to her belly button. A much more attractive sight than mine, I'm sure. But she didn't seem to mind.

I lay down on her, planting a trail of small kisses from just behind her ear down to the nape of her neck, and she sighed blissfully - something I barely heard due to the relentless patter of the rain on the ground around us, and the trampoline itself, but I certainly felt the accompanying shiver - and as she steadily spread her legs, a shriek of laughter came from the house, accompanied by One Direction at maximum volume. It was three in the morning - what would the neighbours think? I looked down at her, and as our eyes met, it was clear we were thinking the same thing.

The trampoline squeaked as I slowly slid into her, with a simultaneous rapid, shallow breath from both of us - we had been waiting for a long time for this. As I gave her some time to adjust her body to the feeling of having me inside her, I could feel her inner walls moulding themselves around my shape. She felt warm and wet inside - a contrast, I realised on reflection afterwards, to the cold wetness of the rain. But at the time I wasn't noticing much else. I pushed forwards with a moan of longing, and she let out an "ah!". A good sign.

Her hands flat on my back, holding me close to her, I began to thrust back and forth, building up a steady rhythm. The sound of the rain intensified, but then again, so did our moans and gasps. I kept moving into her, feeling her flesh surround me with increasing rapidly, when the effects of being on a trampoline started making themselves known. There was a slight bouncing effect; although we were far from going airborne, it did seem like this was a viable option. Grabbing hold of her sides (feeling her wet skin against my palms), I pushed forwards as hard as I could, with both my hips and my knees starting forwards. This did it - the impact and the movement shaking the taut skin of the trampoline and rocking us back and forth. We both laughed, kissed, and then kept going.

The sex grew more and more intense, as the rocking, rolling, bouncing movements of the trampoline synced up with our bodies sliding together, a pool of rainwater gradually gathering itself up around us. Quite unlike the squeaking of bedsprings, the distinctive sound of the material accompanied us. I felt her bristling with excitement as an orgasm built up inside the pit of my own stomach. But I wasn't going to let it go. Not yet.

We bounced backwards, almost to the edge. With a squeak, quiver and moan, she gave a herald of her own orgasm. Her soft folds contracting around my shaft, I felt her go almost rigid as she came, finally letting out an almost bestial roar as I felt her girlcum coat the base of my penis. This was, of course, my cue, and almost laughing with the absurdity of the whole thing, I let myself go, shooting once, twice, three times, deep into her.

I fell forwards, lying back down on her, our chests mashed together. The movement of the trampoline slowed down, and finally ceased as we lay there, an afterglow hovering somewhere nearby. In the house, the party was continuing. A few minutes more, and someone would have come to find us. But it was almost getting caught that made it fun.

Pulling myself out of her, I lay down on my back and let out a sigh. We held hands as our senses started coming back to us. We'd need to go back soon. Before I said anything, though, I re-attuned myself to the world around me. I lay back on the springy material, listened to the steady creak of the springs, and stared up into the night sky, as I let myself feel, once again, the cleansing rain falling onto my skin.

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Cath said...

Now I really really want to have sex on a trampoline. It's probably less beetle-y than against a tree.