Tuesday, 29 May 2012


I used to have this early morning routine around about the age of 14 to 16. I can't recall exactly, but I was definitely at school. Nobody wants to get up to go to school. I was fine with going; getting up to do so was more of a challenge. I wasn't really awake by the time I stumbled out of the door at half past eight; dragging myself out of bed for a croissant and hot chocolate prepared my my dad wasn't really adequate preparation for the trials of a day full of disappointment and failure.

So here's what I did. I got up when called, dressed in my pyjamas and padded downstairs. I ate the aforementioned French bread product and quaffed the hot chocolate, and then slouched back upstairs and got back into bed. Of course, I had to get back up, but what I would do is then close my eyes, have about ten seconds of quiet relaxation, and then pretend to wake up, yawn, stretch and then get dressed for school. It worked quite well, considering the fact that it was just an excuse to be really lazy for a few seconds more. At least this way I could be sure I was awake when I awoke. If that makes sense. It probably doesn't.

I am no longer afforded that luxury because there isn't anything I'm doing so I don't have anything to be lazy instead of. My dad wakes me up a quarter of an hour before my alarm goes off, however many times I tell him, and although I can lock my bedroom door to stop him physically coming in and getting me up, that's what I end up doing, because - let's face it - there isn't much else to do, is there?

However, after recovery from the cold I had last week and what I'm slowly coming to realise is the combination of two months working for ten hours a day and a multitude of relatively late nights for various reasons, I am becoming more and more lethargic, resulting in periods of intense laziness over these last few days. Okay, I can make it through a thirty-minute session of being laughed at while running, I can play my guitar for twenty minutes, and for some reason I'm able to get my stuff done on the internet. But that doesn't amount to much. I spent large amounts of time just lying on my bed.

That's it. I'm not even doing anything else. I have multiple distractions around my bed but I don't even turn a page of And Another Thing... or play Pokémon Sapphire. I don't even cuddle my rabbit that much. I just get dizzy, throw myself onto my bed at a random angle, and lie there.

I'll admit it's quite therapeutic. Of course, what I really, really need is for someone to come and massage my shoulders, neck and upper back, all of which are currently extremely painful and tight, but since that isn't happening, falling down and lying where I fall is about as good as I'm going to get. It's natural. It's restful. And since it's not actually happening at night, it also seems more of a rest than actual "bedtime" does. If I'm resting during the day, then clearly I need to do so, right...?


Not like I've earned it or anything. But I'm not going to go for the thirty-second microsleeps. I'm not Batman, y'know.

Or am I?


jamie said...

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Innocent Loverboy said...

I think I get enough of those for free... somehow...!

Cath said...

You do! Mainly by posting naked photos on the internet. Still, at least there was no scrotum.

And I would offer you a massage next time I see you but you'd only demand a back scratch instead. :p