Thursday, 17 May 2012

In peace may you slumber.

Close your eyes.

Can you feel it? The air getting heavier and warmer? The hard surface of your chair getting softer, lighter, much more comfortable? Lie back and dream.

I want it, too. I want to sleep. I care not for the clicking of mice or the tapping of my errant fingers on this keyboard. I am not here. I am adrift. I want to sleep.

Can you feel it? The warmth? Here, here are my arms. Let me put my arms around you. You can rest your head on my chest if it helps. My heartbeat can soothe you, my cuddles protect you. I'll try not to be too overbearing. I'm very gentle, as you know. I'll hold you... stroke your hair. I want you to be calm. Soothed. Relaxed.

So sleep.

I can feel myself falling. I will go. I am half gone already - this, I know. Listen to my breathing - listen, as it gets steadier, deeper, more even. Listen to my breathing, as my eyelids flutter closed. Can you feel them brush gently against your cheek?

I am gone. I have fallen. I hope you feel secure, wrapped in my arms. I hope you feel safe. I hope you feel comfortable, warm, loved. I do my best. I feel the same with you. I have fallen, truly, completely. Drifted off.

Here is your bed. Lie back. Close your eyes.


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