Friday, 4 May 2012

Everyone loves an ILB

My immediate senior at work - not my boss, but my superior (because he was the only one who could be arsed to apply for the job) - seems to be enjoying my company. Not in an overly obsessive way or anything, but because the other two guys who tend to hang around sometimes give way to being a bit... well... pervy. I mean, they're great guys, but constant references to hardcore porn and innocently quipping that one of our clients has an "arse like a fuckin' peach" isn't what you want in your ear 24/7. Or even 1/7, come to think of it.

Which is why I was surprised that my senior asked me today if I was a player.
I think he meant "player". He probably doesn't mean "playa," although it's quite hard to vocalise txt spk as you're naturally conditioned to use vowels in spoken English. Still, they mean the same thing... in various senses.
"No, I'm not a player," I said. "I'm a loyal and faithful person, me." My halo laughed, but I ignored it.
"So are you a playa hata?" he said (although probably using the right spelling. It's easier to vocalise 1337 5p34k, I find, as it's easier to pronounce "ph33r" as /fiÉ™/ than "playa", which isn't really a word.). This was a trickier question to answer - as what's a player? I certainly know a lot of poly people, but that's not playing. And I know a lot of musicians, but that's surely not what he meant. I even know some "playerplayers", which I've ascribed to be a term for an actor who's popular with the opposite sex. Not that I'm looking at anyone specific.
"No, I'm not a player hater either," I said, settling for the least committal answer I could think of.

He looked at me curiously.

"I'm... I'm..." I faltered. I keep interesting company? No, that'd be a bit too leading. "I'm accepting, but..." Hang on, what do I say?

"I'm accepting... but defecting."

He accepted that as a reasonable answer. Which is good, because I certainly haven't a clue what I meant. I'm glad somebody does. Everyone loves an ILB, right?


ladypandorah said...

I associate the term, ''player'' or however you spell it as being synonymous with being a ''ladies' man'' or similar. A bit of an arse in LP speak. I don't have fond memories in coming into contact with such individuals. Persistent, arrogant and find it flabbergasting if you refuse them.

LP x

Innocent Loverboy said...

I think you summed it up in a nutshell, dear Lady.

I think of one particular person when that comes to mind, but I didn't call him "player". I won't say what I called him in mixed company, but I repeated it a few times on my "real me" blog when he did a few... things to some of my (male and female) friends. Despite my naturally sweet nature, I think he deserved to be called what I called him.