Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Challenge Anneka

I picked up the Evening Standard on the way home from @almadsfeika's birthday meal this evening. I have to admit to usually reading the Standard... because it's free. I don't think I've ever actually bought a copy, but let's be fair, I read Metro in the mornings, so anything is a step upwards, really. The difference between me and other Standard-reading Londoners being that I actually do carry mine to a recycling bin. Shocking, I know.

I usually flick through looking for something vaguely interesting (that is, something that doesn't mention Boris Johnson. It's bad enough that I actually sat up to see him being re-elected; I don't want to have to read about it as well.), and although it's rarely a picture that catches my eye, this time one did. A vaguely familiar picture of a smiley blonde woman holding a dog. Okay, maybe the dog wasn't familiar, but the woman was. But where had I seen her before?

Reading the article, which was about the BBC being lambasted for putting footage of animals on air (or something like that), one name did jump out at me. Svenska. Tanaka-Svenska. Anneka Tanaka-Svenska. Fantastic name, but where had I seen her? Although the Standard claimed that she presented wildlife shows on Channel 5, my brain connected her with sex - you know, obviously - and then my inner encyclopaedia clocked it within a few seconds. Last time I saw Anneka Svenska, she was naked, and riding her boyfriend in soft focus. In my mind, Svenska was a star of Threesome.

I used to get turned on by a programme with this woman in it and now she's on Channel 5. That's hardly a step of gargantuan proportions, but nevertheless, being able to identify her in a national newspaper was, I think, pretty cool - in a really odd way.

You know what else is cool? You type "threesome" into my blog's search function and the first entry that comes up is from over a year ago. That's how vanilla I am!

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