Monday, 9 April 2012

TMI Tuesday: Love, Hate & Guilty Secrets

This week's TMI Tuesday is about love, hate and guilty secrets. I am aware that I'm answering these questions on a Monday, but I'm going to the North to see my girlfriend tomorrow, so I'm doing these questions now. Formatting this post also took longer than writing the answers - ph33r!

1. Food
I love sherbet lemons. They make my mouth hurt and they're bad for me, but they are still absolutely delicious.
I hate mushrooms. I can't eat them. They make me throw up and even the scent of them being cooked will make me heave and gag.
My guilty secret is premade cheese and onion sandwiches. They don't taste good, they're clearly really fatty and greasy and they come in heat-sealed plastic boxes from cheap shops. But I am addicted to the bloody things.

2. Apparel
I love my James shirts. T-shirts make me feel good because they're comfortable and often warm and snug, and so obviously it stands that shirts branded with the logo of my favourite band are my favourite ones.
I hate things branded with fashion labels, like Moschino, Ralph Lauren, Bench and Superdry. I'm sure they're nice clothes and all, but they're far too expensive and I don't see the point.
My guilty secret is my T-shirt. I keep it in my wardrobe and occasionally I wear it, but I can't put it in the wash in case my parents see it!

3. Books
I love all kinds of books, but my favourite genres are children's fantasy, sci-fi, and (predictably) sex memoirs. I'll read just about anything, though, and work my way through books as often as is possible.
I hate books about comedy. Comedy is funny, but trying to write about it isn't. Books that are funny are a different thing entirely.
My guilty secret is that I have never read Pride and Prejudice. I know the story and I have read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, but I've never read the original. I've just never really had the interest.

4. Songs
I love alternative rock (James, Barenaked Ladies), indie pop (Architecture in Helsinki, Patrick Wolf), some girl singers (Taylor Swift), electro (Cuban Boys, Little Boots) and comedy (Mitch Benn, Flanders & Swann, Tom Lehrer).
I hate garage music. I think hip-hop lyrics are pretty good, and some rappers are really talented (GLC make music funny in a wonderfully original way), but garage in itself doesn't really do it for me. I think it's just a boring genre.
My guilty secret is Baby by Justin Bieber. It's actually a really good song, and I have recently covered it. Twice. No, really.

5. Movies
I love Battle Royale. It's original, fast-paced, and wonderfully deep, with some great examples of humour, action and pathos. And it's Japanese. Wonderful stuff.
I hate Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. What an overrated, boring piece of drivel this actually is. I know it's well-directed and has good acting and whatever, but I completely zoned out watching this. It's just really, really dull.
My guilty secret is that I own the Powerpuff Girls movie. And it's actually really good, as well.

6. TV Shows
I love Glee!
I hate reality TV. Seriously, who actually watches Big Brother and enjoys it?
My guilty secret is Eggheads. I'm known for liking intelligent quizzes like University Challenge and Only Connect, while I laugh in a scoffing manner at teatime quizzes like Pointless and Countdown. So I shouldn't really like Eggheads at all... but I do.

7. Celebrity Crush
I've said it before and I'll say it again... having a celebrity crush is a particularly cruel way of telling your other half that they're not good enough. Thus: skip.

8. Music Group
I love James. Throughout their history from 1978 to the present day they've always had a perfect song for every occasion. Fantastic group with a great ethos and very talented musicians. They also have the best bassist in the world, Jim Glennie.
I don't hate any musicians, because any sort of music is designed to suit a particular taste. But I am disappointed with Belle Amie. I know I had a dream about dating one of them at one point, but I know that their tragically short career has resulted in dire manufactured pop, and the one time I saw them on The X Factor (my parents watch it all the time, so it wasn't my choice), they looked like they would be really good at more close-harmony singing than what they've ended up doing.
My guilty secret is that I think The Scaffold are the best group to ever come out of Liverpool, and I'd rate them above Wings, the Bonzos, GRIMMS, and even The Beatles, even though I like all those other ones.

9. Sports Team
I love Quidditch. Although I've never played it.
I hate sports. And I particularly hate how so many people seem to like them - especially things like football, where it becomes a religion. And things like fighting, which can sometimes result in injury, division, discrimination and bullying can often come from one particular team. It's stupid. And ridiculous. These players change teams for no apparent reason all the time - and it's just a game, people!
My guilty secret is that some of my university... well, not friends, just people I knew... started a football team and named it after me. I never went to see a single game because I was totally uninterested. I was more interested in the fate of the football team my friends in the sixth form started called Norfolk In Chance (wildly original there) and laughed my head off when they were thrashed 3-0 in their first game.

Bonus: Sex Position or Sex Act or Fetish
I love giving oral sex. I absolutely love it and the different ways it can be done. I particularly like the way the thighs close around my head and the feeling of the vagina as it gets wetter and wetter as my tongue explores all the areas, openings and parts of the labia. And I think I'm probably quite good at it too, judging by all the orgasms...
I hate daddy/babygirl roleplay. It makes me feel really weird. I don't really like roleplay at all, actually - it makes me feel as if you're wanting to have sex with someone else, and that seems wrong to me.
My guilty secret is a secret. And I feel guilty about it (even though technically it isn't anything too bad!), so I'm not going to share it here. No, really!

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