Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sex Meme

Sort of tagged by Rory. She got e-mailed a set of questions and tagged me with the admission that I didn't have to answer all the questions. Let's be honest, five of the question slots were to list celebrities you wouldn't kick out of bed, and typing N/A five times makes for a dull meme. So here's the edited version.

I cut some other questions out as well. Mostly they don't apply to me, but if you really want to know, there's nothing to stop you scrolling backwards through the blog. Nevertheless, I just can't throw away a chance to talk about me. here goes...

underwear & lingerie

Do your bra and panties match? If you’re a guy, do you prefer it when a girl wears matching underwear?
I don't wear a bra. Heh. Matching underwear... no, I don't think it's absolutely necessary. To be honest, pretty or novelty pants make me laugh. But my current girlfriend doesn't wear a bra so it's not really much of an option!

Do you wear patterned underwear?
Occasionally, yes.

What is your favourite colour when it comes to underwear?
Blue. But simply because it's my favourite colour.

Do you wear skimpy underwear? If you’re a guy, do you like this on a girl?
Not so much, actually. Either regular underwear (all right, maybe a bit tighter than usual but still, regular underwear) or a bare bum is nice, but things like G-strings or thongs... I don't see the appeal. They're just a little pointless!

Do you like bows, lace or other décor? If you’re a guy, what do you prefer on a girl?
Bows, yes. Lace, yes. Other décor? It depends. Entirely on the person.

Have you ever worn underwear meant for the opposite sex?
Who hasn't? (Seriously, I'm asking.) Anyway, yes.

When was the last time you woke up without any underwear on?
This morning, as I almost always sleep naked.

What sort of underwear would you put on if you wanted to surprise a boy- or girlfriend with it?
One with a picture of a big scary monster on it going "Rah!"

What would a boy- or girlfriend choose to wear for you?
I suggest you ask her this one?


What’s your favourite song to have sex/make love to?
I don't really have one. I haven't had sex to music too often. Shall I just put a funny answer instead? Okay then: Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up.

What’s your favourite sound that your partner makes in bed?

Ever said something stupid when you were trying to be sexy?
"No, that bit doesn't go there!" Actually, I don't think I've ever said that. I once assumed a Cockney accent for no reason, which didn't work too well.

Do you like dirty talk?

Are you quiet or loud?
Virtually silent, but then again, I'm half angel so I'm a higher power and communicate through touch and thoughts. I like sex noises, but as I'm really quiet I like to be with really loud people to balance it out.

Would you mind your parents/neighbours overhearing you having sex?
Yes. My neighbours have children under five, as well. Whoops!

turn-ons and turn-offs

What about your partner turns you on the most?
Her eyes, her smile, her boobs, her bum, her back and her sexuality. Also her hair, which (although it's annoying) is really lovely.

What’s your biggest turn-off?
Violence - I don't mean light bondage or playful spanking. I mean things that actually hurt, like whipping, flogging or hitting, or especially violence towards other people or especially animals. Various "specialist" kinks, like scat, golden showers, incest, rape and degradation also turn me right off. And I've seen enough of daddy/babygirl fantasies on the blogs to really not like that one any more, either. Well, I say "any more". I've never liked it.

Do you like body hair?
Yeah. It's natural, so why abhor it?

What’s the sexiest part of your partner’s body?
Her eyes are beautiful, her hair is lovely, her vagina is soft and delicious and her bum has a lovely curve to it, but I'd have to say her back.

Is there any part of your body you’d like to hide from your partner?
My stomach. I hate it. It's too fat for the rest of my body, which is generally quite trim around the shoulders, arms and chest. But then again, I'd like to eliminate my moobs altogether and get rid of the red patch that forms when my thighs rub together. However... if it's your partner and they're still in bed with you having seen all that, why hide anything from them? Embrace the naked body... and theirs, obviously.

What sexual position is a turn on for you?
Please don't say I'm boring, but I like the missionary position! It allows for a lot of speed, depth and control. I like the reverse missionary position as well, as there's the chance for a lot of speed during that one - good if you want hard and fast sex.

What’s a location you never had sex in, but want to?
The forest. I appreciate it might be scratchy, or something, but yeah. Then again, a beach or a natural hot spring would be good too.

have you ever...

Walked around naked in your own home, without a real reason to? (getting undressed and then walking to the shower does not count)
Yes, of course.

Had sex when there was a risk of someone walking in on you?
Had sex in a bedroom with an unlocked door, yes.

Made out during a movie, and let your hands wander?
First part yes, second part no.

Made out or had sex in the water? (your bathtub doesn’t count)
In a hot tub, yes!

Kissed someone you wish you hadn’t?

Slept with someone and regretted it?

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