Sunday, 8 April 2012


I had this really odd fantasy in bed last night. As you may be aware, I was ready to catch up of a week's worth of sleep, and I could hardly breathe, let alone move, by the time I got into bed. My labyrinthine mind was still alert, however, and ready to put anything into effect. Having just seen Hanna, I was ready for uncontrollable thoughts about blonde teenagers shooting people... but instead, and a pleasant surprise it was too, a fantasy about sex with my girlfriend presented in my mind. One that I wasn't even aware I had.

But I remember it. It's the setting that was so strange. There was a very large, very spacious pink room. Everything was pink. Pink walls, pink carpet, pink door. There weren't any apparent windows. And there was no furniture or anything apparent at all apart from, in the centre of the room, a large pink bed, perhaps one and a half times as wide as a king-size double. Because of the size of the room and the absence of anything else, your eyes were drawn to this bed. I was looking down on it at a sort of angled bird's eye view.

In the middle of the bed, there was myself. I was lying on my back and completely naked. On top of me was my girlfriend, Cath, riding me in the reverse cowgirl position (so I could see her face, boobs, front and arms, but not her back. I couldn't see my top half at all, but as with the position, my legs were apparent). Her hands were behind her, presumably flat against my chest (if that's possible) or holding my sides or the sheets. She was leaning back a bit, so she was arched forwards, and - this is the unusual bit considering my fantasies are usually in softcore mode - you could see my cock sliding in and out of her. Not in its entirety, but you could definitely see a bit of the shaft every time she moved up and down. She was moaning. Her hair, of course, had spilled down to my chest.

That's it. That's the whole fantasy. It didn't go anywhere other than that. The whole thing was constructed in a split-second and took up residence in my mind for quite a while. It was made memorable by the shocking abundance of pink in the room, the absence of anything other than the bed, and the very precise details of the sex depicted.

Yes, it seems unusual. But fuck me, that's a good fantasy to have.

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