Monday, 26 March 2012

TMI Tuesday: Music! (on a Monday)

Ah, this looks nice and safe.

Actually, it's a very appropriate TMI Tue... hang on, isn't it Monday? What the fuck?! Ah well, I've done it now. Read it again tomorrow, or something.

Yes, back to what I was saying... I've just spent half a week constantly surrounded by music. Last week I started (and finished) work at a theatre. The company who hired me (I GOT PAID AND EVERYTHING!) was putting on a new musical, the songs of which were so catchy that by the time they did their final warm-up, I was joining in. "You know all the words!" gleefully remarked one of the cast members. And so I did. I'm listening to the soundtrack as I write this.

And then on Sunday I took part in a mass gig, with about 15 different artists! I played five songs, and yes, a Justin Bieber cover was one of them. What? It's a cool song, okay? At least I didn't sing a verse from Rebecca Black's Frid... oh, wait... well, anyway, most of the songs were my own. I got to rock out on my glockenspiel as well, which was... pretty incredible.

It's very difficult to feel sad when you're surrounded by music. It never fails to work for me. Oh, I love music!

Anyway, on with the questions. Most of them have links so your ears can fall off. I've used Glee versions for a couple of songs. That's not to suggest anything other than how much I like Glee.

1. What is your present state of mind?

I am a lover, as we know, and so my constant state of mind is focused on love!

2. How do you feel about your spouse, significant other, or someone you lust for?

"Why?" by Avril Lavigne. Not all the lyrics fit (the verses, basically, don't fit), but the bridge and chorus kind of do.
I am aware that's not the most cheerful song. So for something more obscure, yet on a more upbeat note, here's Simply Love You from McGear.

3. Describe your job.

I don't have a job. The closest thing I have is my hobby, being a comedy singer-songwriter. I have a constant desire to sing, but can't actually sing. So I think this fits.

4. What are you hungry for?

There are a few songs that I could fit in here, but they're all by me or a friend like 47, so I'm not entirely sure I should mention one of them! Let's so with "War About Cheese" by Jay Foreman.

5. What’s your favourite colour?

Anything by Blue...

6. What gets you excited?

I already answered this one. I'm still not sure how I feel about that.

7. Who do you think you are?

Isn't that already a song?

Bonus: Describe your life.

Blogging! LiveJournal by Mirrors on Shoes fits nicely, even though I don't write in my LiveJournal too much any more!