Tuesday, 20 March 2012

TMI Tuesday: 31

TMI Tuesday today's title is "31 Sexual Favours". Given my slightly non-exciting sexual tastes, it was difficult to think of sexual favours that I want to do, never mind thirty-one. Ahem. And, of course, there were some things that I've already done, but in order to fill out a list, I had to add them in, so the ones crossed out are off the list. But, as is the nature of the question, these are all things I'd like to do again!

Essentially it's a bucket list.

Anyway, here it is. Some of these are favours to another person, some are favours to me. I'd hope most would be mutually gratifying, though - and I think that my girlfriend would like to do most, if not all, of these! And some of them are wishes that have already been expressed by other people, as if I'm some sort of sexually attractive being!

1. Orgasm from being given fellatio
2. Have full penetrative sex with a large amount of clothes still on
3. Have sex with a virgin
4. Have sex outside
5. Have sex with somebody wearing kitty ears
6. Feel someone up in a swimming pool...
7. ...and have sex in one
8. Feel someone up in a hot tub...
9. ...and have sex in one
10. Sex with someone with really long hair
11. Administer oral sex in a public place...
12. ...and/or be given it
13. Have sex in a field
14. Have sex with someone else in the room
15. Bring someone to orgasm without touching or using any genitals
16. Bring someone to orgasm by lying on their back
17. Have dry sex...
18. ...and orgasm from it
19. Kiss someone's breasts in public, and/or get my penis out outside (for a brief period only; I am innocent!)
20. Have sex to music...
20a. ...James
21. Watch soft porn...
22. ...without touching myself
23. Be an actor or crew member in some form of erotic film
24. Have sex in another country...
25. ...in Africa
26. ...and Asia
27. ...and America
28. Have sex in a tent, preferably during the rain
29. Spank someone (but lightly, I don't want to hurt anyone!) - and have them turned on by it
30. Use a sex toy that I actually seem to like
31. Have anal sex

I may even cross some off this list, if I can be bothered, if I ever do any of them. Isn't sex fun?


Rory said...

Kitty ears... ha, I'm still snickering. I have a pair of Minnie Mouse ears, but I'm afraid that if I'll wear them to bed Sam will die laughing.

Jack and Jill said...

Interesting approach, including the various items from your sexual to-do list. Sex in a hot tub is exciting. Definitely a must for anyone's bucket list.

Speaking of Minnie Mouse, last year we attended a local sex club's Halloween party, and Jill dressed as Minnie Mouse. She kept the costume on when the sex began, but took the ears off as it was clear one thrust was going to send them flying off of her head.

Blacksilk said...

I think it's a fantastic list! I also have other opinions but am too polite to cause a fuss on someone else's blog (but only because I like you). :P


Hedone said...

Forget the bucket list and crossing things off. Do them again, and again, and again


5. Umm...moving along

28. I had sex in a tent, loved it. Very intimate. I think the rain could make it even better.

31. You being penetrated or are you the penetrator? I think the former sounds sexy.