Saturday, 10 March 2012

Stalling for (a) time

I assumed that this week just gone would be a sad one. Considering the fact that during the two weeks before I'd not only gone to Eroticon, but also the Erotic Meet and to the North seeing clhg, it was a safe assumption that a week of basically nothing would be a sad, slow seven days of nothingness. This was followed by a sudden spate of panic that accompanied the realisation that I wasn't actually heading for one week of nothingness... I was, in fact, being drawn inexorably towards a large block of nothingness, with no plans whatsoever... even with my 27th birthday coming up next week. I had no plans. I was going to be doing nothing.

This isn't how the week panned out, thankfully. I saw my local friends twice on two subsequent days at the beginning of the week (standing outside the young raver's house waiting for him to put his belt on being a particular highlight), and I also had lunch and drinks
in Islington twice - again on successive days. The first time being with @JillyBoyd and the second with @utterslut, I managed to find good conversation and company in terms of our plans for the future, sex blogging and identity, Twitter and social media and the artistic prowess of @Hungry_Joe.

Which leaves the weekend.

I've stopped having things to do. I mean, I have a book to read, sure, but I'm feeling the twitches which indicate that an adventure is calling and I'm not even sure what kind. Spring is in the air (if spring is cold, that is) and accordingly I've refreshed my room - given it the hoovering it deserves and replaced my bedsheets, using a light blue, watery bedspread that I wasn't even aware we had. And to aerate the room, I've daringly opened a window - shocking, I know! The otherwise-empty house gives me space to play my guitar and feel the cat's accusing stares follow me as I wander around aimlessly.

It's not much fun.

And this situation is the one I feared. It took a week for me to get into it, but here it is - ironically, in a refreshed bedroom, I have stopped feeling refreshed. And next week doesn't look fun, either; apart from the aforementioned day of birth (for which there are plans, but still in the gestation stages), the most exciting thing that's supposed to happen is me claiming JSA on Tuesday. Such fun.

Still, if the week that's just gone post is any indication, it's one of the fact that Life may well throw something unusual my way; therefore, I offer the next seven days up to Life, in the hope that, somewhere in the void, at least something will end up happening.


Catharine said...

Yayy, I'm an "also".

Innocent Loverboy said...

I thought you'd like that I put you last - it makes you important, like the last name in the opening credits of a movie, prefixed with "and...", no?

Also, I was putting things I'd done in reverse order.

dan scarfo said...

Thank you for the information

Innocent Loverboy said...


Catharine said...

excellent excuse!

Catharine said...

Also, I am doing something AMAZING in the next 7 days, and I invited you and you said no. You only have yourself to blame.