Sunday, 18 March 2012

Pizza Sexpress

"I was in this Pizza Express once with a couple of colleagues," I said. "We were having a discussion about blogs. And, noticing the topic, I said brightly - oh, I've got a blog! And they said - where is it? And I said - uhm..."
H and 47 laughed. It had taken us long enough to find the Pizza Express, but we'd eventually got there, on account of the fact that 47 has an Android 'phone... and I sort of know where it is. Sort of. We were there, anyway.

I had an OK birthday. Nothing special, but then again, it wasn't a particularly special age either. I've still got presents coming in - they have been somewhat staggered - but, among the gifts I've received, I'm happy with the Wii game, satirical songwriter CD set, hoodie, book that I knew I'd get because my sister works in a bookshop, and... erm... the DVD with the Japanese swimwear model in it. I've no idea where Robinson goes in his spare time, and frankly I'm not sure I want to know. The film looks good, though.

Oh, and I got enough money to clear my overdraft. That's actually what I needed.

On the day itself, though, the main thing that I had to look forward to (apart from CAKE!) was the whole going-for-a-pizza-with-friends thing. I'd decided to opt for 47 and H, as I don't see them as often as all that, and get Robinson, Mane, et al. over for a drink at some point during the week - read as: "stretching the birthday as far as it could conceivably go without turning it into a farce". Anyway, so. Pizza Express.

It is indeed true that I had a conversation about blogs last time I was in said joint. The culmination of the conversation I alluded to above was that some people read this post, and then this happened, me being at my most frustratingly enigmatic. Only yesterday was different - here, I was with people who I wasn't trying to impress. I mean, they weren't going to be massively impressed anyway, were they? They already know who I am. So I was pretty convinced that I didn't need to mention orgasms or soft porn or semen or... well, sex at all, really... to enjoy the evening.

I didn't mention orgasms. That's something at least. And now I know not to describe my penis as much in these posts. Because describing my penis is not cool, apparently.

My dessert was HUGE and BEAUTIFUL, and very satisfying once I got it into my mouth.

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