Sunday, 4 March 2012


I packed myself into the crowded tube on Friday night and noticed that the pretty girl standing next to me seemed to be looking at my trousers. Avoiding catching her eye or shifting into a defensive stance, I sidestepped carefully. Her gaze followed, and I noticed after a few seconds that she was reading the info text attached to the Lunchboxxx I had tucked safely under one arm. I deftly shifted it so that she could get a glance at the large pink vibrator that you could clearly see through the packet. She stared for a few seconds and then disappeared into the throng. Slightly buoyed by this, I swanned my way home. The Erotic Meet had been a rather subdued affair - fun, but not the rollicking adventure it was last month. Still, I'd been, hugged people, read things and had a couple of drinks. You can't say fairer than that.

I got home easily, stowed my winnings under the bed (along with my other Lunchboxxx and bags of lubes and condoms) and sifted through things I needed to take to Eroticon. Satisfied that there wasn't anything else I could justify taking, and I'd probably need space in my bag anyway, I settled down for a relaxing night, with the knowledge that I'd be getting up in a few hours and should grab what sleep I could.

As it turned out, what sleep I could grab amounted to zero, so when my first alarm went off at 4:50am I was ready to get it and go, so I donned a shirt and trousers, grabbed my stuff and hauled my sleepless body towards a train station about one and a half miles from where I live. I got there in time, but I would have preferred to get some rest. Still, I never sleep on trains, so I just sat on the commuter train to King's Cross in silence. From there, it was a relatively painless journey to Paddington, and I got the train to Bristol well on time. No major hiccups there.

Bristol smiled at me as I exited Temple Meads - a familiar station to me as it's been the site of a good few meetups with various groups and communities over the years. Not exactly knowing where to go, I meandered in the vague general direction towards where I thought I ought to be. As it turns out, I was going the right way, and found myself standing in the reception of the house. Lady Grinning Soul immediately recognised me, and handed me a tag with my name on it. Choosing a pink lanyard, I gleefully slung it around my neck, waved at Mia, hugged Jilly, and then put my bag and coat down. I had a feeling I wouldn't need them.

Lady Pandorah appeared suddenly, and I surprised her with an attack hug, and we hovered together in the doorway of the room with the breakfast until Blacksilk turned up and called us hopeless. I attack hugged her too. Eventually we raided the coffee (which, frankly, I needed), got some pastries going, and went through into a large room with tables. Requisitioning one, we sat, got notebooks out and were quickly joined by Jilly. As more people started drifting in, it was clear there was going to be one hell of an event.

And even though I hadn't slept for 24 hours, I was ready for it.

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Catharine said...

I can't believe some random woman on the tube saw our prize but you won't show me it!