Monday, 6 February 2012

Retrospective, part 2

Okay. I'll finish this now. Honest.

Friday's Erotic Meet was, for me, an experience. Like my first CCK Social or my first Spiritual Space, this was an unknown quantity. And like both of those events, this was (for the most part) in a public arena, so I was idly wondering exactly how far it would be able to go.

Pretty far, it turns out.

My head divides the main body of the Meet into three distinct stages... which is how it's divided anyway. Good one for picking that one up, head. The beginning, dubbed "Meet the Members", was... well, maybe "meet" isn't the word. I'd already met twelve of 'em. But as more and more people began to trickle in, I gradually felt like less of a wallflower and more like a member of a gradually increasing social clique. I'm usually left out of cliques, so this was interesting. I got chatting to Jilly, who I hadn't said too much to throughout the rest of the day, and Blacksilk, who turned back up in a different outfit. Rose, in an outfit I'd laced up for her eleven hours earlier, put her cookies on a shared table and offered them up to everyone. Annie strolled about enthusiastically greeting people as if they'd been friends in utero. It was a bit of a slow start for me, but generally picked up. And it certainly attracted attention when Molly got hit by a riding crop three times by DomSigns.

Told you it went far.

Eight-thirty rolled around, aided by a cheap(ish) bar, and the Members' Mic started. This was the bit I was really looking forward to, and as the first act started, I knew it was going to be at least entertaining. DragonKingsDaughter was the host, and she did a good job. Although they all had their merits, the acts that really stood out for me were Annie, with her exaggerated sexy movements, Sarah Berry (who read out a piece which not only titillated, but amused with such enthusiasm, and even recovered well after she was heckled) and Jill's short, sharp and punchy poem which summed up sexual desire in about thirty seconds.
My bit happened and I was very pleased with the introduction I got, in which DKD referred to me as "...our innocent loverboy." Although stage fright isn't really a thing for me, my head was still refining exactly how I'd perform what I had planned, although I had the cue-sheets and prop ready in my pockets. To my immense relief, everything went almost exactly how I'd rehearsed (a surprise, more than anything else, on account of the fact that I improvised half of it!), and at least I got the laughter, which was my overall aim. People did keep telling me that they enjoyed it afterwards, however, and DKD said I was cute, which I suppose is the best an ILB could hope for. I'm not sure if they could hear it at the back, but I gave it all I could.

The speech section finished and we moved on to the raffle, in which I didn't win anything, but some people won multiple things; we were then told to move our stuff because the corner had been double-booked. Hmmm. In retrospect, moving our stuff may have been a mistake, but we didn't have much of a choice. We relocated to a far corner of the venue as the floor cleared for the club night.
As the hours went on various things happened. Lots of people were touched, sometimes inappropriately (but seemed to enjoy it anyway). I pole-danced for about ten seconds, because there was a pole. I took a picture of John's foot. Blacksilk and Jilly kissed passionately (which Jilly described as "divine") while I discussed roleplaying and fantasy novels with Crush - who is a geek of the highest calibre. John made out with a slightly drunk Annie, who got more drunk as time went by, and at one point needed me to hold her up to John could extricate himself from the sofa and go to the toilet. Rose danced with an anonymous guy who was incredibly persistent. I texted Catharine to let her know how things were going. I cuddled Jilly. I danced for a while, mostly on my own.

I was still probably the best behaved person there, and I yet felt so naughty. Not so innocent loverboy.

So was it a good night? Yes. One of the best events I've been to. Hell, I may even go to some more... I have a habit of doing that. I probably won't write three blog posts again, but with the multitude of bloggers who go to these things, I don't imagine you'll be too short of things to read. And with that, I finish my overly long analysis. This blog will now revert to its usual brand of advanced lunacy.

Thanks, everyone.


Anisa said...

I wish I lived close enough to get to one of these things. Although, Reed keeps telling me I should organize a US one. We'll see.

Molly said...

Great write up and it was lovely to finally meet in person. I hope you do come and join us for more Erotic Meet madness in the future.


Blacksilk said...

So glad you were there. I felt a lot more comfortable going when I knew you would be too!

Your reading was awesome and really made me laugh. So impressed that it wasn't all scripted. And, you being you, it was such a different style to the others, which was refreshing. :)

Also, "divine"? Wow! Thanks, Jilly! ;)
Your compliments of Crush in this post went down very well, by the way. I squeed and he looked pretty proud.

You probably were the best behaved, but I think there's a less innocent loverboy hiding in there somewhere. I saw hints of rogueishness. :P

You should definitely go again! Especially if I'm there!