Saturday, 11 February 2012

Past Times

Yesterday afternoon, for want of something to do, I decided to have a go at recording a song so I fired up my old laptop, which is currently in my attic studio along with a collection of guitars, an electric drum kit, a real drum kit, various percussion instruments, electric music aids and a double bed.

Oh, and a toothbrush.

My attempts at making music, save for incredibly lame beatboxing, a song that doesn't rhyme and the realisation that I can play The Battle Hymn of the Republic on the swannee whistle quite accurately, were all a bit fruitless and, because I had nothing else to do (well, nothing that I actually wanted to do), I decided to browse through the hidden depths of my old laptop while I was still there. Okay, so I had that laptop as my primary computer for a very long time, before I got my shiny netbook, and I already kind of knew what I'd find. But I'd forgotten the extent...

...of my collection of hentai games.

Okay, calm down. Before you ask, no, none of my hentai games involved tentacles. I was quite specific in terms of the games I dowloaded. They had to involve boy/girl sex (well, that's hentai anyway, although there was a bit of yuri in some of them... I never saw yaoi though), there had to be decent enough animation, and the sex scenes should be easy enough to get. As with all the games I've played, there had to be some semblance of a plot, but then again, with H-games the plot is often the main focus of the gameplay!

I loaded up Runaway City. Ticking the other games off in my head... True Love is the best but far too addictive, Paradise Heights 2 I just wasn't in the mood for (and I've played it enough times anyway), RSP is a bit lame and doesn't have a plot, I always got frustrated by X-Change, and I knew the other ones didn't work. So I played through the first half of Runaway City, well aware that with the linear nature of the game it's damn near impossible to actually miss any of the scenes.

My intention wasn't clear to begin with. I wasn't aiming to orgasm by clicking quickly through to the inevitable animated shags. I also wasn't trying to entertain myself, as my attempts at music earlier in the afternoon had proved that I was incapable of doing that. But, as I paused and dreamily gazed up out of the window, flashes of my life came back to me; bits of my history in which these games had been important, in which this computer had contained a large part of my life. I played my first hentai game the night before I went on a trip with my A-Level English class. The night I got back, I resumed playing it. In my second year of university, I wrote an essay on a train with this picture of Kaori Shimizu as my background. In my third year, I spent every single night for a month in a sex chat room, trying to make friends and see if I could keep it up.

I spiralled into a nostalgia trip... and it only took a few scenes of hentai to start me off.

And realise what a dirty boy I used to be. At least, I thought I was dirty. I probably actually wasn't.

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Catharine said...

It's weird reading about your past, because we're kinda the same age it makes me think about what I'd have been doing then.