Monday, 27 February 2012

Not an orgasm... but close.

Horror of horrors, a joint entry to the Erotic Meet competition! Well, yes, anyway, here is is. The theme is "The Big O", which - as I'm sure you'll know - refers to the orgasm; this entry is by myself and Catharine. It's a photo of - well, us.


Disclaimer: Yes, that is actually us. No, we're not actually having sex in the picture; this is (almost) immediately following orgasm and that's why I'm using it. And Catharine's left breast is glowing because it's reflecting the light from my halo, which is - of course - sadly not in the picture.

Vote for me, because clearly I really need a big sack of sex toys.


Anisa said...

Wow, wow, wow. This is really gorgeous.

macho99 said...

long time lurker here. lol

This photo should be posted in tumblr! But it can wait till voting opens so you can get a few extra votes. :)

Blacksilk said...

You're going to think I'm crude for asking, but you probably already think I'm crude, so... Is that a little glimpse of ILB ball sac at the bottom there? ;P

Anyway, *fantastic* photo. It looks seriously professional. Mind if I Tumbl it with a link back?

Innocent Loverboy said...

You can Tumbl it if you want.

No, that isn't ballsack. It's just shadow generated by a leg, I think.

Catharine said...

well they're not my testicles...

Hedone said...

Loveliness (the photo)

CONGRATS on winning the box full of toys. I can't wait to see and hear what fun you all get up to using the toys.