Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Bieber fever

It was with an emotion nothing short of glee that I finally sliced open the large Jiffy bag this morning to reveal an interesting selection of presents. Said bag had been on my bed for far too long, but I knew exactly what it contained, and what's more, who it was from. After extricating clhg's card from the general mulch of discount gifts (an excellent card, home made and signed from "SOMEONE MYSTERIOUS" - I only managed to get her a card with a Stegosaurus on it, ILB FAIL!), I emptied the bag onto the bed and got to sifting through the gifts. Good stuff, in fact - including a couple of breakfasts and, erm, princess chocolates - and, among other things, a set of pencils featuring none other than Justin Bieber.

I tried to find places for all these gifts when I started feeling slightly guilty. I had, after all, just received a load of presents for Valentine's, whereas I'd only bought clhg one measly card. I felt really quite mean. What I needed to do, I reasoned, was to do something wildly inventive for her. Something special. Something totally original, that nobody in their right mind would do...

My eyes fell on the pencil I held clutched in my hand.
"What do I do, Pencil?" I enquired.
"Do it, ILB," said Justin. "You know you want to. You've wanted to for a long time. What better time than now?"
"But I've got a job interview this afternoon," I pleaded.
"That's not for hours," remarked Justin. "Go on... do it. It'll make you feel good."
"But it'll take so long!"
"That's the beauty of the thing. It'll take a long time and you'll put a lot of effort into it. But we know clhg will like it. Don't we?"
"Well, she's liked it before..."

And so into the studio I went, with the pencil stored safely in the pot where all my stationery seems to end up. I fired up my old laptop, and broke out the guitar tuner. Emerging two hours later, I staggered down the stairs dishevelled, and opened up GMail in order to send my Justin Bieber cover to my girlfriend for Valentine's.

If that's not love, I don't know what is.


Jilly said...

*applauds* Best Valentines thing ever in the world.

I sent a guy I've been chatting with an e-card, saying: "I hope at some point we can be grumpy together."

He sent me a gorgeous one back (with faeries and that) that said "You had me at grumpy."

I might be slightly in love.

Happy V-Day, ILB!

Innocent Loverboy said...

And the same to you, miss!

Rory... said...

That's too cute =)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Catharine said...

Justin Bieber is a wise pencil; I love it! I have listened to it more times than I ever imagined I would listen to Baby. :p

And general mulch of discount gifts is an excellent way to describe the prezzies I give you!