Saturday, 25 February 2012

Back to the front

We were lying on her bed, having walked for miles. I liked the walk - we rarely ever go on walks. A stroll for a couple of hours was actually a lot of fun. At least, I thought so. I didn't run into the river either, because I would have drowned. I was barely even tempted to jump off the cliff and see if I could fly. But after such a long walk, and a return from Skipton, naked cuddles were pretty much a requirement.

She said how much she liked the fact that I was massaging her bum with my leg. I hadn't noticed I had been, to be honest. But after she said it, I realised that I had, in fact, been rubbing my right leg over her lower back and back down again, gliding over the smooth skin of her behind as I went. As she said she liked it, I continued doing it. I got the contented hum from her, which indicates I'm doin it rite. So I decided to enact a certain fantasy I've had for a while and see if it worked.

It worked.

I slid onto her back. Nestling my cock into her crack and leaving it there to throb, I sat up on my heels and dragged my hands over her back, scratching lightly. I paid attention to every inch, using both hands in a rhythm, covering her back in light scratches and, when that had been done, little rubs, again every inch, using both hands. I massaged her, shoulders down to the small of her back, and took my time over the bits that made her hum a little more intensely than others.

Leaning down and pressing my chest against her back, I propped myself up on my elbows and placed a small kiss between her shoulderblades, eliciting an "oh!". I liked that response, so I did it again. I caressed that sweet spot with my tongue, licking it in circles and figure-8s, as well as smoochy kisses, long licks and even just breathing gently on it. Alternating a few minutes of this with a few more minutes of scratching and massaging seemed to be winding her up, little by little, and after lying on her back, rubbing my body against hers, I noticed when I sat up that a perfect loveheart-shaped mark had appeared on her small. I traced it with my fingers, glad of a stencil to follow. And a very appropriate one, at that.

More than half an hour of this and I decided to move on. Lying my whole body down on top of hers, I adjusted myself to the feeling of her well-rubbed back against my chest, the fullness of her bum pressing against my crotch and her long hair sprawled out in front of me, some of it tickling my chin. I felt my penis twitch as I started gently rocking my hips, eventually slipping down so that it rubbed against her perineum. Without even entering her I started increasing the rhythm, sliding up and down against her back, feeling her gentle hum turn into lusty moans. I pecked at her shoulder and our mouths mashed together in a long kiss, breathing from both of us increasing as my heart pounded harder and faster.

As she eventually fell over the brink to orgasm I practically felt her unwind underneath me. I pulled myself together and slid off her, leaving her lying in approximately the same position as she was before, a look of blissful serenity spreading across her face.

I found out afterwards that she was in a state of intense relaxation. After idly marvelling at what else I might be able to do through curious experimentation, I decided that to relax was probably a good idea in the circumstances. Wrapping myself around her again, I snuggled down under the duvet, and saw her falling asleep, hoping to fall into that state myself soon enough. But at that time, I was content to listen to her breathing slow down as the fact that I'd relaxed her enough soon swept her into a gentle slumber.


Liza said...

Just beautiful.

Anisa said...

I think this is my favorite post of yours ever. Love.

Innocent Loverboy said...

Thank you, ladies; it took me ages to start writing it. But I'm pretty glad I eventually did.

Mellie said...

how lovely! and a beautiful photo too :)

Hedone said...