Thursday, 26 January 2012


OK, so this is my entry for the Erotic Meet competition. The theme is twisted hearts, but I went a bit further and coupled that with gender identity. And there are hearts in it, and they're a bit twisty. This is also probably the wankiest thing I've ever done. I don't like to preach about gender identity and I'm not one of those "liiiiight thoughts / daaaaark thoughts" art students. Anyway, at least I know what a triptych is. Here is mine (click to embiggen):

I should probably explain. Obviously the theme is gender identity and differentiation, mixed with the twisted hearts. Obviously it's pretty blatant how I did it... I mixed up some paint (I had to mix as grey and pink weren't in the set) and slapdashed three sheets of paper. I stencilled a slightly "explosiony" (which is a word now), slightly twisted heart shape onto each bit of paper, using red paint. Then I used a printer and some glue... and bought some card to stick it on. (I also signed it, but you can't see that in the pic.)

On the left is the "male" sheet of paper with the masculine symbol at the top and a large M (which is a sticker). It's painted pink and has traditionally girly things on it (I asked a girl for ideas): a pink mobile 'phone, a dress, lollipops, some gossiping girls, Hello Kitty and the Glee logo.
On the right is the "female" paper. It's blue and has a football, a rugby ball, a car, Batman, a skateboard and a gamepad, and the sign of Venus at the top.
And the third paper is the "X" paper. It's grey and has a question mark on it.

So what does it mean?

Well, it's meant to be some sort of comment about gender stereotypes, without being too much of a bitch about it. Obviously the idea is that anyone can like whatever they want regardless of their gender - hence, the "inverted" colours of the bits of paper, and the deliberately stereotyped images of things on their respective gender sides).

The "X" paper, however, is meant to symbol everyone, rather than "other" (that's why it overlaps both). There aren't any images, just a question mark. The intention here is that you have to make your own decisions about what you like and what you want - let your heart (twisted or not) decide, perhaps? It's essentially a blank canvas to fill with what you want, with your heart as the focal point. If you won't kill me for saying this, the different shades of grey are intentional - to indicate that everyone is a different shade of grey.

Anyway. It's really wanky, I know. I don't mean to advocate anything. But it's my competition entry, and I had a lot of fun making it. And I put a lot of effort in as well!


Catharine said...

For the pink one you just did things you like. :p

Innocent Loverboy said...

Yes! And?

Catharine said...

I voted for you btw!

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