Sunday, 8 January 2012


The book next to my bed is something I didn't ever expect to be reading. It's an erotic novel. The Pet Shop, by K.D. Grace, has as its premise an overworked, overpaid but undersexed girl, the plot revolving around having discovered (or bought for her anyway) a "Pet Shop", who provide people who act like pets for the sexual pleasure of their temporary "keepers".

Catharine, who won the book (that's why I have it; I didn't buy it, and besides, it was provided by Sh!, so I wouldn't have been let in anyway), handed it to me (wrapped in pink Sh! paper) with the idea that it was about people who enjoyed dressing up as animals, and although certainly the cover seems to suggest that (depicting, as it does, a furry girl, albeit a rather classy one), halfway through the book I'm still not seeing anyone dressed up. The Pets are almost always naked, anyway. And there's a lot of sex.

As I did expect, it's not a book that turns me on massively. I'm not a big reader of erotica, preferring as I do depictions of sex where there's no actual sex happening, but I think one of the reasons for that is that it leaves more to the imagination, an obvious other being the presence of a plot. The book has both. Sex is depicted word-for-word, often as it is in a lot of sex blogs, so it's not a method of depiction I'm unfamiliar with. Your imagination comes into play if you're trying to visualise the sex via the words (again, something sex blogs help me do), and there is a plot, even if some of the characters do start out naked.

I'd have to say that the plot is quite limp. There's something of a mystery about bits of it, but (as with a lot of erotica) most of it seems like an excuse to insert a sex scene, especially since there seems to be at least one on every page at points! Some words (like "pussy") are overused (what, so there aren't any other synonyms for "vagina"?) and sometimes the sex gets tiresome.

But I have to say I'm actually enjoying it. I wouldn't usually choose to read this sort of thing, but it's a page-turner. It makes me laugh (sometimes when it means to, maybe at other points wherein it doesn't, but I laugh anyway), and I'm genuinely curious to see where the plot goes, even if it does seem a bit weak. And as for the sex... well, after last night's crash and recovery via the shower, I'll have to admit I did feel a little stirred by the writing. So maybe, just maybe, I'm enjoying The Pet Shop a little more than I'd be willing to let on.

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