Saturday, 28 January 2012

Juicy Fruit

I just had an orgasm, and one thought filled my mind. Orange juice.

Please note the syntax of that sentence, with one clause coming after the other. I did have an orgasm and I did think about orange juice. They didn't happen simultaneously. As I'm sure you can imagine, my mind was focused on other things at the point of orgasm (or just before orgasm; during the ten or so seconds of intense pleasure that ejaculation brings on, thought tends to go somewhere else). However, almost immediately afterwards, even with ejaculate still dripping from various places (where it landed, silly - I don't cum from any other orifices!), my entire brain suddenly gave itself over, quite involuntarily, to orange juice.

This isn't as bizarre as it sounds. It makes sense to replenish lost fluids following orgasm (and that, my friends, is why you keep cold water nearby!), but throughout most of my life, my main desire has been for lemonade as a drink following orgasm. Even when I was very young and having my first erections (which was an unpleasant experience, as I seem to remember), I had a craving for lemonade. But back then, it's probably because I liked the drink. Lemonade, however, seems a more sensible choice, as it's actually a very watery drink. I mean, it's mostly water, actually. If you're not going to have - well - water, then I don't see much wrong with lemonade. The downside being that a lot of it is gas, as well, so there may be less liquid as you thought. Nevertheless, it's not that much less.

But today - just now - I wanted orange juice. No, not wanted. My body dictated that I go and get orange juice. And so I did. No specific reason; it just filled my mind. My body obeyed.

I do love orange juice, but (even though my girlfriend appears to love putting the stuff on her boobs) I don't really equate fruit with sex. I mean, I can see there's a correlation and everything and blah blah blah Goblin Market gang rape, but fruit doesn't excite me. It's delicious and I love it (mostly citrus stuff, or peaches), but it's not exactly my first port of call. There was a really odd phase during sex with TD for a month or so when, just before I came, I would visualise a large red apple - again, involuntarily... and this one I can't explain; I don't even like apples. But I digress.

I had an orgasm. I thought about orange juice. As I opened the 'fridge, it just seemed like everything was perfectly okay.


Quirky Nerd said...

I don't know exactly what about today made me come and read what excellence you had written (I get cravings for it every now and then, I suppose), or why I skimmed over the first post on the page (as I do with most reviews, I'm sorry to say), but I'm delighted to find this gem of a post sitting here, waiting for me to internalize and enjoy. I loved it. It was short, to the point, made no apologies... well-written, sir. Well-written, indeed.

Innocent Loverboy said...

Why, thank you. I read your blog too. I've read everything on it. I just have yet to leave a comment. Maybe this will break my silence.

Catharine said...

I like to drink Lucozade after orgasms but you complain.