Saturday, 21 January 2012


I was getting used to a routine. It wasn't something that was constructed according to any specifics. It just fell into place. We were in York - it was a city I sort of knew. I have been there before. But I felt alien, in this kind city. I felt accepted in the contemporary hotel, where there were comfortable beds, en-suite bathrooms and hotel breakfasts. There were even complementary muffins for those who were in the right place at the right time. But in York, in this cold, friendly city, I felt slightly detached. I visited museums, I went into shops. I was a tourist. I felt... quintessentially Southern.

We had a routine. It just fell that way. My alarm would go off. We would ignore it. At some point, one of us would drag the other out of bed. There may be showers, which were the ostensible reason for going to York in the first place. Then eventually we would venture out. The weather was invariable. It was cold and unforgiving in the icy wastes of the north. We were tourists. We flashed our magical cards and were granted access to places. I saw art, I touched Roman remains I wasn't meant to touch, I failed to be scared of animatronic Vikings. I almost asked for a commentary in Japanese.

We would go back to the hotel. At some points there was lunch. Sandwiches for me and cream crackers for her. On some occasions, just biscuits for both. And then we would fall back onto the bed. We would cuddle. We would have sex. And then she would sleep. I would lie awake, reading my book or playing with my BlackBerry. I ran through scenarios in my head, usually moments from Zelda or even wondering what would happen in Glee.

I wouldn't sleep well. I can't sleep in the light, and she can't sleep in the dark. We had the lights on, for her sake. My eyes would be closed and I would hold her close. Sometimes she would hold me. Sometimes I would fidget, go back to reading my book. I always got to sleep, but it was a long, slow process.

I was still awake at 2am on the last night. Her body was warm. She was awake, too, but I didn't know that yet. I was drowsy and finally slipping away into sleep when I felt her shift and knew she was awake. She turned over. I was on my back; she crept a hand along and wrapped it around my penis. I sleepily felt myself getting more and more aroused. Not knowing what she had planned, I stayed where I was. Solid as a rock. She climbed over me, her skin letting off an electrical spark as it brushed against mine. I let out a long, slow, quiet breath. I let her know I was awake by some short, soft movements. In my semi-conscious state, I could see her shape above me. I felt her lower herself down. She was wet.

I felt myself penetrate her as she slid down onto me, sitting on my crotch. I was deep inside her and felt her inside walls contract around my shape. I looked up at her, my eyes adjusting to the dim light. Her long, dark hair cascaded down towards me. I blinked. She was hardly moving, but I knew she was close. As I felt her insides pulse more and more, she started to shake. I sleepily placed my hands on her thighs to steady her as she came. Her orgasm was intense and as she slid back off me, I felt myself slipping back into my semi-trance. She came again, lying next to me, and then clung to my body as we both finally entered the land of dreams.


Catharine said...

I didn't know you can't sleep with a light on, I feel mean now. In future I should either let you turn all the lights off or have more 2am sex with you.

Innocent Loverboy said...

I'm good either way, really.

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ladypandorah said...

A dreamy stance this post has for me - Like time was inexistent to you both here in your little sphere.

LP x

Innocent Loverboy said...

Yeah, that about sums it up. I was in a dreamlike state when I wrote this too.