Thursday, 12 January 2012

Hairy Snout, Human Heart

2 day's Thursday.
2 day's Thursday.

Thursday's wedding day.
Is everybody 'appy?

My hairy friend gets married today. He may, in fact, already be married. I'm not sure of the time difference. He's doing it in New York, which is pretty romantic, I guess.

It's not something I could see him doing, actually. Initially, after all. I have known him for a very, very long time. He went though this vague patch in his teens where he fancied basically every girl in our social clique in turn - including my sister, at several points - and appeared quite uncertain. But by the time he hit 18, he turned into a confident, self-assured young man, with radical socio-political views, an easy temperament and a wicked sense of humour to match. He had the confidence to go to his school with four and a half GCSEs and ask to do A-Levels, and even more confidence to sit and listen to them explain that they would only let him do GNVQs, and then say, "right, screw you," walk out and enrol in a sixth form college. He retook GCSE Maths and did three A2s, and then failed to get into university, whereupon he rang up his first choice and talked his way in by verbally demonstrating his knowledge of modern European history.

And that's where he met his girlfriend.

I didn't think he had it in him, to be so romantic. But I guess having a beard doesn't exactly sap that potential. I didn't actually meet her until after nearly everyone else in our group had, but eventually I did, and like everyone else in said group, I liked her. We all approve of her, same as we all approve of Robinson's lovely girlfriend, Mane's pretty girlfriend, my hairy friend's older sister's boyfriend (who is a maths teacher, but seems intelligent anyway), and nobody at all approved of any of Lightsinthesky's successive conquests. But I digress.

This has been a long time coming. I can't even remember when they got engaged. I remember writing several successive letters to Homeland Security confirming that they were in a relationship. She is an American, which makes this difficult, as her government has always seemed picky about who they let in or not - but he got in, and they are living togther now in Pennsylvania. Today they are getting married.

Robinson has yet to make the Batman joke - his fiancée does have the unfortunate tendency to have an incredibly wide smile, and a round face, so does end up looking uncannily like Jack Nicholson's Joker at points - but I'm sure he will. And I think they plan to get married, again, in a second ceremony in the UK, so they can have a much larger gathering (as opposed to the eight people in attendance today). I'm sure we'll procure a Batman costume from somewhere for that.

But enough of this slightly cruel frivolity. Perhaps the most unlikely candidate for a married life in our little group has been the first to tie the knot. He's happy, secure, and living his intelligent life as he was, writing in his own blog about thoughts on marital norms and the trading of surnames (something they aren't doing, after all). He is content.

And it certainly does warm the heart... even if we do all miss him these days.


Anisa said...

It's not even 9am in New York City - unless they're extremely eager, I doubt the deed is done at the moment.
Best wishes to them. Marriage is hard as hell.

Catharine said...

Hasn't he asked you to be a bridesmaid? :(

Innocent Loverboy said...

@Anisa: Ah. Well... it'll be done by now then I'm sure.

@C: No, he didn't even ask me to be one of his best men... I think there are three of them for the UK wedding later this year.
At least, that was a plan. I don't know if it's still a plan.

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