Sunday, 11 December 2011

Sex with Catharine, part 4

I'm lying on my back. My shaft is covered in girlcum. I'm sweating, neither hot nor cold, and not sure how I should be feeling, if I should be feeling anything at all. But I am content.

My right hand is wrapped around my penis, tugging my foreskin back and forth. Catharine is lying by my side. She alternates between sucking my tip and kissing me. The kisses are deep, intense and reckless, with no pattern or consideration. She consumes my face. I do the same to her. I have my free hand, which occasionally roams around her body. Sometimes I pulse in her hand or mouth. Sometimes she orgasms. It's messy, lustful and very, very intimate.

She puts her mouth to my right nipple and licks. Or sucks. Or bites. I can't tell. It makes my nerves jangle. I seize up, try to utter a warning. I orgasm, maybe for the second - third - time. I feel it hitting my stomach. Chest. My eyes are closed. I can feel it trickling slowly down my side. I hear Catharine moaning, a sultry one which indicates that she has watched me coming. She loves watching me, she says. I believe her.

She licks up some of the mess. It's difficult, apparently. I clean up as best I can. But mostly I can't move. She can't either. Neither of us want to, to be honest. I curl my arms around her and drift in the post-orgasmic haze. All I can feel is her skin on mine, and the rest of the world gently slips away.


Catharine said...

I didn't bite! I love how you wrote about this.

Rachael said...

I love this story! It describes, almost exactly, last night's lovemaking with my boyfriend. I will have to share this with him. Thanks!

Innocent Loverboy said...

Feel free to share - that is, after all, what blogging is for!