Saturday, 10 December 2011

Sex with Catharine, part 3

From the instant I sink myself into her, she is teetering on the edge. I am aware, of course, that I should be keeping her there, but that's difficult to do when her inside walls contract around my shape, her hands grab my bum and push, and her shallow breaths increase, her mouth twisting the shape of my name...

Instead I concentrate on pushing her over that edge as many times as I can. I go slow and deep, I go fast and hard, I keep up a steady pace and remain consistent. I use my tongue, my hands, my chest. Everything. I can make her orgasm by just remaining where I am and firmly pushing my shaft forwards. Everything for that one aim: bringing her over the edge, giving her those famous orgasms. One after the other.

If I orgasm myself, or if I run out of energy, I stop. But this is not an end. Just a pause. I'll recuperate, lying there enjoying the feeling of her surrounding me. She loves it, she says. She loves being full of cock. And after a while... I start again.

To be concluded...

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