Friday, 9 December 2011

Sex with Catharine, part 2

Her legs are open before she pushes the duvet aside. She strokes my brutally short hair and gently guides my head downwards, getting her body into a comfortable position. I settle myself between her legs, breathing a little over her vagina's lips, before inching my tongue forwards.

The first lick is golden. I cover her whole, tasting her on my tongue and feeling her quiver. She moans softly as I continue, moving in circles, flicking back and forth across her clit, sliding over and between her lips. Every time I feel her thighs go taut, I go slower, my licks taking her through her orgasm. Then I start again. I keep going until she is soaking wet.

My face is covered with girlcum. I go for the kiss again. She licks the mess off my chin, then kisses me madly. She's almost crazy with expectation. I am hard and ready. I want to give her something.

I give her everything.

To be continued...

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