Wednesday, 28 December 2011


I masturbated with my socks on yesterday. No, this is not a fetish. I got five pairs of socks for Christmas. I was grateful for this, as my socks - like my trousers - also often end up with holes in them. And, again like trousers, my logic process goes something like, "well, there may be a hole, but it works as an item of clothing, so let's wear it." I only tend to throw socks away when the hole gets bigger than the hole in which you put your foot, and starts to resemble a dangerous threat to the ozone layer.

I still don't like throwing the damn things away, though. I'd much rather darn them. But I have no idea how to darn. I can't even sew properly; I took textiles technology during secondary school and look with pride upon a little toy I have made and remade throughout the years (with the old one inside every incarnation), but when I try to sew things together they always end up coming apart. I just have no idea how to secure the end of a piece of thread.

In any case, it's not happening. I have some new socks. Aren't they pretty?

Yes, yes they are.

Okay, back to the masturbation.

This is not a fetish. A fetish for socks? I'm not even sure if that's possible. I can understand having a nerdgasm if you're looking for a SOCKS server to transfer information and actually find one, but I don't think that's what your average Joe would refer to. I don't have a fetish for socks, but I managed to achieve orgasm perfectly normally with them on, just as easily as if I had been masturbating without socks on. So why did I do it?

Well, heat of the moment, right? I took my clothes off and forgot to take my socks off. I was abundantly aware that I was still wearing the things, my nerve endings being as they are I wasn't going to not notice, but I didn't bother to take them off. I was more concerned with what was going on in my head and what was happening to my penis. And so I had an orgasm with my socks on. The result? It took marginally less time to get dressed again afterwards.

And, you know, it's winter. And winter is cold. Why shouldn't I be wearing socks?

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Catharine said...

it's okay, I do the same...