Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Life, transplanted.

Last night I went to see Adam Kay (one half of these guys) with @shinystaffnurse, who I haven't seen for about two years despite consistently telling myself I should hang out with her more, and @davedawes, who seems to know stuff about more sex bloggers than I do, which I actually thought was pretty cool. Oh, and H.

The show was great - better than the last one I went to, as Adam actually had more time to get through rather than rushing an hour set. And he also managed to get through two bottles of wine. Interesting. And the awkward hanging around afterwards had varied factors, like H being commissioned to ask for a fag from random people (in Soho - I'm surprised she actually got a normal one), Adam telling me he reads my blog (even though I used to read his blog years ago, and the blogs that came after that, so I still maintain I got there first), getting his card (which is a razor blade) without cutting myself, and trading stories. And giving H my camera but failing to get any pictures. FAIL.

But the most interesting topics came when we (eventually) ended up in a place that I referred to as a "Soho bar" (but @ssn insists it was a "skanky caff"). They included:
- Fanuary (a relative of Movember)
- hardcore porn and reviews of the same
- softcore porn and... well, see above
- hentai, tentacle porn on wood carvings and as a cultural phenomenon, and Love is the Number of Keys for some reason
- how young boys can be before they start trading magazines
- people called Tim (but not me!)
- blogs, bloggers, blogging, blogged
- the mighty mighty Twitter
- eating pizza, leading to high-fives (somehow)
- responsible fatherhood
- how writing relentlessly can get you into private occasions... somehow
- 47 (I led the discussion on this one)

Good to see I still have my priorities in the right place...

Flushed with inclusion at this coolest of gangs, I headed out into the night, promising myself to try and hang out with @ssn more often. As I do every time I think of her.

And then I got my hair cut. Well, not right then. This morning. Now I have a forehead that looks like something out of This Island Earth.

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