Saturday, 26 November 2011

Work it!

I made an important discovery during the week that I think boys should know, and it's all down to the Kegel muscles. We've probably all heard of them - this set commonly referred to as the "pelvic floor" - and there are people (mostly girls; OEN leaps to mind) who will boast about religiously doing their exercises, squeezing and releasing their pelvic floor whenever they find a spare moment. Do stronger Kegel muscles make for a tighter vagina? That's debatable... but, by all means, if you want to find the path to sexual enlightenment through tightening and then releasing your Kegels methodically twenty times per day, more power to you. Each to their own.

Which brings me on to the Kegel muscles in boys, or more specifically, me. It may not be widely known, but boys have to be in control of their pelvic floor to stop themselves from urinating when they need to. For someone like me, who appears to have the bladder of an infant, they are an invaluable bit of kit, and (blessed as we are with the ability to piss standing up) if you temporarily stop the flow of urine, whichever gender you are, and then start it again, you're using your Kegels. That's where those muscles are. And they're active in everybody. Physically squeeze them now and you'll probably feel your perineum tighten a little too.

Okay, and this brings me to my discovery, which needs to be said in the name of SCIENCE.

When I masturbate, my Kegel muscles are usually tightened. It's actually a natural reaction during masturbation - for boys, anyway - I don't know about girls (although it might be fun to find out!). It's not something that I've taken much notice of before, really - I'm more concentrated on what's going on it my head and what my hand is doing to my cock, to be honest - but there are other signs that you are heading towards orgasm that we all know about - tightened skin around the testes, a clenched perineum... and tensed pelvic floor. In fact, the fact that the pelvic floor is so tense during the stages approaching orgasm does aid the angle of the erection somewhat. Actively releasing your Kegel muscles may cause the penis to fall back a few centimetres - it won't get any smaller, of course, but it's a noticeable difference if you're actually looking.

And in my opinion the orgasms feel different. I'm not sure how to describe it, but the orgasms I've had this week with my pelvic floor released feel more... natural? It's not to say they're better, or worse, orgasms than usual; they just feel a lot less like you've worked to bring yourself off, and more like it's just... happened. It's a very easy, very pleasurable, smooth feel, and I do kind of like it. And it's not even something I'd really considered before.

I think the inner workings of the body, in some cases, are kind of left out when you're pleasuring yourself, despite the fact that that's what's important! - and it's always good to think about exactly what's going on. Not every time, of course, or the fun of external stimuli has gone, as has the spiritual side of sex! But it's these small details which can cause you, every now and again, to have a brief "oh!" moment.

Have any of you experienced anything different related to the Kegel muscles? I'd love to hear! Or is it just me?!

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