Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Catharine sent me a text this morning (well, realistically about 12, so not technically morning) which resulted in her having an orgasm or several. Okay, so that's the abridged version; the long version involves lots and lots of BBMs sent backwards and forwards, with her having more and more orgasms and me getting steadily more and more turned on until I was so tightly wound I could have snapped.

"Fuck this," I thought (although my brain translated it as "wrstfuglip"), and masturbated.

And that's where you find me this evening.

Okay, let me explain. My original aim was to read the texts over again, wank, orgasm and then have a break, and then put my clothes back on, rearrange myself and get on with whatever it was I was meant to be doing (I don't know what I was meant to be doing). But for the next six hours I just kept getting interrupted, either by various members of my family, sheer exhaustion, distractions from sexiness and all sorts of other random things like the realisation that I should have something to eat at some point (I made cake with my cousin yesterday, it was rather epic). But I failed to finish and so, however I was feeling at most points throughout the day, somewhere in my body there was a minute, unidentifiable buzzing of an orgasm waiting in potentia, but which had failed to be realised.

I talked to cutieloveheartgirl again this evening and once again the urge to orgasm was too great to ignore. (Besides, I was turned on but denied orgasm, so I just felt dizzy.) I tried again, but this time I had a whole day's sexytime thinkings to support me. I eventually ended up lying on my back with my eyes closed, breathing heavily and audibly (all my family had buggered off to various places by this point) and feeling my cum splash down on my chest, stomach and hand.

I zoned out completely, vaguely aware of bits of my body, but not really anywhere to speak of. I was brought back to consciousness by the feeling on a steady trickle of semen creeping down my side, which tickled me enough to wake me up. Unsteadily I stood up and stumbled about a bit, tapping out apologetic messages to both Blacksilk and the aforementioned clhg, before I was hit by the sudden realisation that I needed to rehydrate. So off I went. I was attacked by the munchies as well; odd, considering that I've had three meals today. I resisted and only had a biscuit with my coffee (really shouldn't have had coffee; it's the worst thing to have when you're dizzy, dehydrated and tired - but I wasn't thinking). And tried to realign myself too.

And so here I am - giddy, tired, hungry, thirsty, neither hot nor cold, tired and woozy... but very satisfied indeed.

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