Thursday, 10 November 2011

Lurker Love

Moar!This blog gets an average of a hundred views a day and, even though most people are being referred here via Twitter, searching for reviews of Durex products, and, for some reason, The Edge of Vanilla, it's still heartening to look at Blogger's stats function and see that you can type "innocent lover boy" into Google and it will come up with one of those results with six further options underneath it... followed by results for me on Twitter, Formspring, and Quora.

I didn't even know I was on Quora.

This brings me to the subject of lurkers. Due to the fact that only about three people comment on my blog with alarming regularity, and also on account of the fact that most pageviews are me, I have to conclude that a lot of people who read my blog - those who don't just rock up and sift through all the lack of smut there is until they find that Durex review they've been looking for, or a picture of Danny Masterson naked - are lurkers. I may even (and, given the trend in sex blogs, probably do) have regular readers who have never commented.

But I'm OK with that. I mean, when I started this blog, I thought it would be successful if one person who wasn't me started to read it. But other bloggers started networking, and at some point I got linked to on Todger Talk, which probably boosted my lurker count by about 425613298756138576. Some lurkers even went so far as to e-mail me and start actual conversations - yes, Jess, Green Eyes, Tiffany, Lisa... I am talking to you - and one even started a blog - Glamour Girl, I mean you. Some stuck around for a while - yes, you, Prufrock, and Beau from Seattle, wherever it is you've gone. And, of course, a few ended up talking to me via MSN or Twitter, although most of those are other bloggers (do they count as lurkers? Probably not. Bloggers are a higher power. And they hit the comment button).

But I wasn't expecting to get any comment or any kind of communication at all. So, all in all, thank you, if you are a lurker. You genuinely don't need to comment on this post at all. You probably haven't commented on any of my other posts either. But you're reading this blog, and I wasn't expecting that.

So, thanks.

But lurk moar.


Anonymous said...

God, I remember Beau! He commented on me and LadyP too, if I remember rightly. Wonder if he still reads? Hi, Beau!

Hi you, too! sometimes I do lurk here, but I try to comment when I can and will when something really grabs me.

Mr. X said...

Very well put, from your lurker in Durex.

ladypandorah said...

I quite liked Prufrock, mostly because it made me think of TS Eliot.

I hope all the defunct commenters are alive and well.


Catharine said...

I'm going to become a lurker...

Anisa said...

I am SO VERY JEALOUS that both you & Lady P have Mr. X as a lurker.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i'm a lurker :-)

Bonnie said...


I'm not even a lurker because I haven't been here before now. But I wanted to thank you for joining in our Love Our Lurkers Day celebration.

With warm regards,