Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Kong Kollege

Colleague 1: "[Our college] is putting us under so much pressure."
Colleague 2: "It's hardly their fault. [The external organisation] demands that we do this course to the letter."
Colleague 1: "[TEO] needs to calm down."
Colleague 3: "[TEO] needs to get laid!"
[General laughter from all. ILB, curious, looks over from the world map on the corner.]
Colleague 4: "Is it possible to lay a university?"
Colleague 5: "Oh, okay, I'll do it, you talked me into it."
[More laughter.]
Colleague 5: "I'm taking one for the team!"
Colleague 6: "You could do it in the form of one of the lessons we've been having. I wonder what the warmer would be like?"
Colleague 3: "Never mind that, what about the lead-in?"
[ILB starts writing this down...]

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