Saturday, 29 October 2011

Weak load

No, wait, come back! It's really interesting, honestly! Even if you're not in the least interested about what happens to be coming out of my penis, you should at least read this post! It's the first one I've written for days! Thanks.

I've been cumming less recently. I mean, yes, there have been some days wherein I haven't really tried. My second day at college was characterised mostly by a desire to sleep, ergo: going to bed at the ungodly early hour of 9pm. And the amount of work that's been foisted upon us is unreal - I swear to Glod that last time I was in full-time education, we didn't get anything to do for weeks. And suddenly, this happens. Yeah, it's even kind of fun. Keeps my hands busy, anyway, and that means they're often too busy to close around my engorged cock and deliver me some sweet release. But then again, I'm not really thinking about doing so when I'm focused on the finer points of whatever the fuck it is I'm meant to be doing.

I'm still not even sure what that is. I'm just doing it... somehow.

I've not been horny any less either. I mean, sometimes I've been positively craving it, even when sitting in an observation at college, visualising - apropos of nothing - the idea of a penis sliding into a warm, wet vagina ad feeling its inner walls mould themselves around its shape. Remembering the feeling of that too, and revelling in it. Yeah, I've been doing that. I haven't, of course, been nipping off to the toilets for a quick one; I just don't have the time. If anything, the combination of lack of days in which to relieve myself of this burden of lust, the amount of work that I'm doing in which I haven't mentioned sex even once, the realisation that I won't be seeing any pretty ladies for a while and the fact that I'm still reading short bursts of Fanny Hill before bed... it all adds up to something between frustration and amusement.

And yet when I do masturbate, I cum less.

It's only the cum. My orgasms are the same in terms of intensity and length. They're not dry orgasms either - because there is semen. Of course there is. It's just that I used to produce... well... quite a lot. And now there isn't that much. There's a bit, but not as much. It's no less pleasurable, but it is weird. I wonder if that's meant to happen.

I'm saving on tissues in any case.

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Catharine said...

I told you, it's magic...