Tuesday, 4 October 2011


I slept in the same bed at 47 on Sunday night... but this entry isn't about that. I'm going to see cutieloveheartgirl tomorrow and will probably end up in bed with her in a very short period of time... but this entry isn't about that either. This entry is about feeling horny.


I was horny basically all the way through yesterday. I don't remember when it started, but it certainly happened on the Tube on my way into London. I'm doing voluntary work at the moment and my working day was interspersed by short bursts in the office when I blanked out in my chair, losing all concentration, my erection raging to almost the point of unbearability, with very little stimulus (other than my own mind, which is usually more than sufficient, I will admit), and my infrequent trips to the toilet were characterised by noticing exactly how hard I was, and considering taking matters into my hand - then desisting because I was in a scummy toilet in a public building.

I was still turned on when 5pm came rolling around and I was washing crockery. On the way home, I was positively filthy over BBM, tapping out graphic messages to titillate the aforementioned cutieloveheartgirl, while angling my BlackBerry towards me to avoid any prying eyes from inquisitive commuters. Although the idea that they might see what I was writing was also part of the thrill.

Today, that urge is gone. It's been replaced by a desire, just as strong, for cuddles. Although I imagine I'll be getting both tomorrow.

And possibly a hug tonight from 47 as we attend The Distraction Club. But no more than that. Even if he did share my bed.


Catharine said...

You didn't tell me you slept in the same bed! That's cute.

JAdams said...

getting stuck with a hard on and nowhere to turn for relief can be tough position to be in...It sounds like it built up the your date with cutieloveheartgirl though..Good Stuff

Innocent Loverboy said...

@C: That wasn't actually the plan. But yes, we did. I've got a big bed.

@JA: Correct, on both counts!