Friday, 21 October 2011

ILB's Place

I've had a few requests to recount the dream I reportedly had the other night, that I've mentioned a few times on Twitter. Unlike my other dreams I've talked about on here, this one doesn't really contain any sex, but it does contain some sex bloggers (in fact, all of them). Sorry if I was misleading! Anyway, here's the basic plot.

The dream took place in two parts. In the first, I was digging my own underground home or tunnel system, which looked and sounded very much like Spencer's Place from Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest (if you haven't played this, and like RPGs, do. It's easy, short and a lot more fun than many other RPGs). I think the music was playing in the background, although in my dream (yeah, I know, my dreams have soundtracks) it sounded like a cross between the actual music from FFMQ and the track "In a Snow-Bound Land" from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. But I digress.

Spencer's Place (if you'll look at the map) has a lot of bridges, which (if you'll look at the map) are safe passages over waterfalls. They also don't appear (if you'll look at the map) to have any sides. In my dream, the bridges didn't have sides, and therefore the first blogger to appear in my dream, perhaps unsurprisingly being Catharine, was rather reluctant to walk across a rickety rope bridge with no visual means of support above a cascading waterfall.

Yeah, makes sense.

At which point, EVERYONE I KNOW suddenly appeared at the entrance, and each person stood in a long line on the first rope bridge, causing the planks to turn all sorts of rainbow colours, and make tinkly noises - as if they were all keys on my beloved toy glockenspiel. (Yes, really.) This... somehow... made the bridges more solid, and allowed everyone to cross.

I dug a little deeper into my tunnel and broke through onto a disused platform on the London Underground. We crowded out and someone (Robinson, I think) flicked a switch which reactivated the station. A tube train stopped there and we got on. Upon getting off at King's Cross, I noticed that our station (I can't remember its name, regretfully) had been somehow added to the list of Tube stations that the line (Piccadilly, I think) was serving. It had clearly been stuck on my LU staff during the short amount of time that we'd been travelling from it. They don't miss a trick, those guys.

We then realised that we didn't have Beau with us, and that John (bless him) was missing her, so we went to get her - from a rather scummy block of apartments somewhere in London where, apparently, she was (even though she didn't live there). I was head of the pack. This was the second part of the dream - we stood around waiting for her to emerge, although none of us wanted to go in. We all said, "Mia!" loudly, and she emerged. She was hoisted onto some shoulders, and everyone crowd-surfed her away. I followed... and that was the end of the dream.

No, it doesn't mean anything, as far as I'm aware. But it's quite fun to have a dream that mixes IRL friends, sex bloggers and geekery all together into one big sequence of events. I hope to meet some of you lot in a dreamscape again very soon.

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Catharine said...

Were they sewers? If so maybe we're perfect for each other.