Monday, 24 October 2011

First Day

"I love the rainforest!" beamed the most alternative of my fellow students today. "I can't wait to go back there!" She shivered in the chilly London afternoon air, but kept beaming.
"I've never been," I responded, "but I've got a friend who went..." [Out of interest, I believe said friend has read this blog. Only this post, but nevertheless.] "...and she loved it. Sleeping in tents, poisonous snakes, using a machete to..."
"Bushwhacking!" cried my fellow student, getting more and more animated as she went along. "When there's no beaten track! Yes, I love that too!"
"She also told me she'd had sexual relations with a medical student up against a tree," I pointed out. "But I wanted to know more about the wonders of the rainforest, not the size of the medical student's..."
"Well, there are plenty of trees to have sex up against in the rainforest," optioned my fellow student.
"True, but there are plenty in Britain too," I said without thinking. "You'd just be in public view."
"And get arrested," she said.

There was a pause, during which she shivered again.

"It's still cold."
"It is."


Catharine said...

The rainforest probably has even more beetles than my bedroom.

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Love the dialogue.
Human Beings Wow.

Innocent Loverboy said...

I know, right? Humans are odd. But cool.