Monday, 10 October 2011

As far as I can see, we were carved from the same tree...

Why won't this work? AAAAAARRRRGH!!! Oh, there we go.

Don't worry, that wasn't what I said over the last week, spending time with @notCatharine; it's just my immediate reaction to some of the keys on my netbook's keyboard deciding to intermittently shut down. Twitter isn't working on my BlackBerry either. I'd uninstall and reinstall it, but BlackBerry App World also refuses to work, so I'm kind of stuck on that too. Good times.

Anyway, last week...

Well, the first thing that you need to know is that Catharine is a liar.

She'll say something like, "I spent the first two days asleep, because I'm lazy and grumpy." But what she really means to say is, "I slept a lot during the first two days, but that was because ILB had a calming influence on me and very warm cuddles."

She'll say something like, "I woke up at random points in the middle of the night." But what she really means to say is, "we spent large parts of the small hours eating biscuits in the lounge, cuddling and grinning at each other on the sofa and making each other laugh."

She'll say something like, "we didn't say anything that made much sense to each other
." But what she really means to say is, "we talked to each other in secret sex blogger language, which made us feel like international super-spies since we knew people that the rest of her family don't."

She'll say something like, "on the last day we tried to do some modelling, but neither of us could do it." But what she really means to say is, "the modelling kit of the demonic elephant was terrible, but the bouncy balls we made were incredibly pretty and very well-patterned, and ILB has been playing with his ever since he took it home."

She may even say something like, "the sex got better and better the more times we did it." But this one I agree with.

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Catharine said...

the bit about the sex is true!

it's very, very cute that you've been playing with your bouncy ball.

word verification: colon.

How lovely!